Proverbs 6:34 (Mini Sermon)


34. Pro 6:34 - "For jealousy is the rage of a man: therefore he will not spare in the day of vengeance." A. For jealousy is the rage of a man: i. Adultery will cause jealousy in a man more than any other offense. a. Jealousy n. - The quality of being jealous. 1. Zeal or vehemence of feeling against some person or thing; anger, wrath, indignation. Obs. 3. Solicitude or anxiety for the preservation or well-being of something; vigilance in guarding a possession from loss or damage. 4. The state of mind arising from the suspicion, apprehension, or knowledge of rivalry: a. in love, etc.: Fear of being supplanted in the affection, or distrust of the fidelity, of a beloved person, esp. a wife, husband, or lover. b. Jealousy provokes anger (Deut 29:20; Deut 32:16). c. Jealousy burns vehemently like fire (Psa 79:5; Deut 4:24). d. Jealousy causes the offended party to mete out punishment (Exo 20:5; Num 25:11). e. The jealousy of a man is strong and cruel toward the man who tries to take his wife from him (Son 8:6). ii. Rage n. - 1. a. Madness; insanity; a fit or access of mania. Obs. exc. poet. b. Madness, folly, rashness; an instance of this, a foolish act. Obs. 2. Violent anger, furious passion, usually as manifested in looks, words or action; a fit or access of such anger; †angry disposition. a. The jealousy of a husband for his wife when another man tries to take her will make him furious to the point of insanity. b. His wrath will turn into violent anger which will not be tempered by rational self-restraint. c. People who are in a rage do foolish and harmful things (Act 4:25-26). B. therefore he will not spare in the day of vengeance. i. When jealousy is stirred up it provokes vengeance (Nah 1:2). ii. Vengeance n. - 1. The act of avenging oneself or another; retributive infliction of injury or punishment; hurt or harm done from vindictive motives. iii. Although we should not avenge ourselves, but leave vengeance to the Lord (Rom 12:19), a man who is in a rage because of his jealousy of his wife will not spare, but will take vengeance into his own hands. iv. Spare v. - I. 1. a. trans. To leave (a person) unhurt, unharmed, or uninjured; to refrain from inflicting injury or punishment upon; to allow to escape, go free, or live. Usually with personal subject. (Last usage in 1300) 2. absol. To exercise or show mercy, forbearance, or leniency. v. There will be no mercy shown to the adulterer by the offended husband.
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