Proverbs 6:13 (Mini Sermon)


13. Pro 6:13 - "He winketh with his eyes, he speaketh with his feet, he teacheth with his fingers;" A. All these actions are clandestine methods of communication that wicked men use to convey nonverbal information to other wicked men. B. He winketh with his eyes, i. Wink v. - 1. a. intr. To close one's eyes. (Also in fig. context: cf. 5, 6.) Obs. 7. a. intr. To give a significant glance, as of command, direction, or invitation: usually const. on, upon, later to, at. Obs. ii. The wicked wink with the eye to signal their evil intentions to their conspirators (Psa 35:19). a. This is a prophecy of the wicked who hated Jesus Christ without a cause (Joh 15:25). b. They conspired together to destroy Him (Psa 69:4 c/w Mar 3:6 c/w Mar 11:18 c/w Mat 27:20). iii. He that winks with his eye causes sorrow (Pro 10:10). iv. Winking with the eyes is a sign that a man has turned his spirit against God (Job 15:12-13). v. " is the air and gesture of a sneering and deceitful man, who gives the wink to some of his friends, sneering at the weakness of another in company; or as signifying to them some secret design of his against another, which he chooses not to declare in any other way;" (John Gill's Commentary, Pro 6:13) C. he speaketh with his feet, i. "The motions of the feet have a language; the stamping of the feet expresses rage; here it seems to intend the giving of a him to another, by privately pressing his foot with his, when he should be silent or should speak, or do this or the other thing he would have him do;" (John Gill's Commentary, Pro 6:13) ii. Pressing one's foot on another's under the table at a meeting can convey a secret message such as telling the man to not respond or to lie. iii. Also certain standing postures can convey messages to those in the know. D. he teacheth with his fingers; i. Teach v. - B. Signification. I. To show, etc. 1. trans. To show, present or offer to view. 2. To show or point out (a thing, the way, a place, etc.) to a person. Obs. 3. a. To show (a person) the way; to direct, conduct, convoy, guide (to, from a place); to send away; also, to direct or refer (to something). Obs. 4. To show what is to be observed or done; to direct, appoint, prescribe, decree, enjoin. II. To show by way of information or instruction. 5. to teach a thing: To impart or convey the knowledge of; to give instruction or lessons in (a subject); †to make known, deliver (a message). ii. Hand or head signals can convey information (Luk 1:22; Luk 5:7; Joh 13:24; Act 12:17; Act 13:16; Act 19:33; Act 21:40; Act 24:10). a. Beckon ¬v. - 1. intr. To make a mute signal or significant gesture with the head, hand, finger, etc.; now esp. in order to bid a person approach. 2. trans. (the object orig. dat.; see sense 1): To make a mute signal or significant gesture of head or hand to (a person), as commanding his attention or action, and esp. his approach; hence, to summon or bid approach by such a gesture. b. These instances of beckoning were all wholesome. iii. But the wicked use their fingers to direct their followers and to impart to them secret messages. a. Masons use their fingers to give secret handshakes which lets others know he is a fellow mason. b. Hollywood and political elites in the Illuminati frequently make hand signals such as: (i) the "okay" sign (index finger and thumb joined with the other three fingers straight up) (666 sign) (ii) the "okay" sign over one or both eyes, either right-side-up or upside-down (iii) the "v" sign (peace sign), sometimes sideways in front of or beside one or both eyes (iv) the pyramid sign (thumbs and index fingers joined to form a triangle), either right-side-up or upside down (v) the pyramid sign over one eye (vi) the "I love you" (devil horns) sign (vii) the devil horns sign (index and pinky finger up, or thumb and pinky finger up) (viii) hand over one eye sign (ix) hidden hand sign (hand in coat or vest over one's abdomen or chest) (x) nazi salute c. For pictures of numerous actors, musicians, and politicians making these hand gestures, see: iv. Not everyone that makes one of these hand symbols are secret Masons or Illuminati members. a. Some of these hand symbols have made their way into popular culture and are casually used by ignorant people who have no knowledge of their secret meanings. b. I have been accused of being a closet Mason because I have inadvertently made some of these symbols during sermons. c. Don't make a man an offender for a word (Isa 29:21) or a hand symbol without proof that he is intentionally doing so to promote evil. E. "He has the subtlety of the serpent, and carries on his projects with a great deal of craft and management (Pro 6:13), with his eyes, with his feet, with his fingers. He expresses his malice when he dares not speak out (so some), or, rather, thus he carries on his plot; those about him, whom he makes use of as the tools of his wickedness, understand the ill meaning of a wink of his eye, a stamp of his feet, the least motion of his fingers. He gives orders for evil-doing, and yet would not be thought to do so, but has ways of concealing what he does, so that he may not be suspected. He is a close man, and upon the reserve; those only shall be let into the secret that would do any thing he would have them to do. He is a cunning man, and upon the trick; he has a language by himself, which an honest man is not acquainted with, nor desires to be." (Matthew Henry's Commentary, Pro 6:12-19) F. "The whole of it seems to design the secret, cunning, artful ways, which wicked men have to convey their meanings to one another, without being understood by other persons; they have a language to themselves, which they express by the motions of their eyes, feet, and fingers: and this character of art and cunning, dissimulation and deceit, fitly agrees with the man of sin, 2Th 2:10." (John Gill's Commentary, Pro 6:13) G. "If, for fear of detection, he does not speak, he uses signs to carry on his intrigues. These signs are still so used in the East." (Jamieson, Fausset, and Brown Commentary, Pro 6:13-14)
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