Proverbs 6:12 (Mini Sermon)


12. Pro 6:12 - "A naughty person, a wicked man, walketh with a froward mouth." A. Solomon switches topics from condemning laziness to condemning wickedness and frowardness in verses 12-15. B. A naughty person, a wicked man, i. Naughty adj. - 1. Having or possessing naught; poor, needy. (last usage in 1377) 2. a. Of persons: Morally bad, wicked. Obs. b. Of children: Wayward, disobedient, given to doing wrong. a. A naughty person is a bad person (Jer 24:2). b. This verse defines what a naughty person is: a wicked man. c. The dictionary defines naughty exactly as the Bible does. d. The Bible has a built-in dictionary. ii. Wicked adj. - 1. Bad in moral character, disposition, or conduct; inclined or addicted to wilful wrong-doing; practising or disposed to practise evil; morally depraved. (A term of wide application, but always of strong reprobation, implying a high degree of evil quality.) iii. Solomon goes on to warn us of the characteristics and the judgment of evil men in the coming verses. C. walketh with a froward mouth. i. Walk v. - II. intr. To journey, move about, esp. on foot. 2. To go from place to place; to journey, wander. 4. a. To go about in public, live, move (in a place or region). ii. Froward adj. - 1. Disposed to go counter to what is demanded or what is reasonable; perverse, difficult to deal with, hard to please; refractory, ungovernable; †also, in a wider sense, bad, evilly-disposed, ‘naughty’. (The opposite of toward.) iii. In other words, a wicked man goes about life in a manner and communicates in a way that is contrary, unreasonable, perverse, difficult to deal with, hard to please, and ungovernable. iv. God hates a froward mouth (Pro 8:13), and so should we. v. A wicked man with a froward mouth is the kind of man that we want to avoid at all costs (Psa 101:4). a. This kind of man will do nothing but cause trouble (Pro 16:28-30). b. He has a difficult life ahead of him (Pro 22:5; Pro 13:15). c. Working for a man like this is miserable (1Pe 2:18-19). d. Employing a man like this is foolish and dangerous. e. Wisdom from the word of God will deliver us from such a wretch (Pro 2:10-15).
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