Proverbs 5:7 (Mini Sermon)


7. Pro 5:7 - "Hear me now therefore, O ye children, and depart not from the words of my mouth." A. Hear me now therefore, O ye children, i. Solomon started off addressing his admonition to his son (Pro 5:1). a. In this verse he extends his exhortation to children in general. (i) He said "ye children" not "my children." (ii) His warning about the strange woman is therefore applicable to all people. b. His reason for exhorting us to listen to what he has to say is because of the dangerous nature of the strange woman which he just declared in verses 3-6. (i) Therefore - II. 2. In consequence of that; that being so; as a result or inference from what has been stated; consequently. (ii) In consequence of what he had just said about the strange woman, he now commands us to give him our attention. (iii) It's always important to listen to God's warnings, but it's especially important when the Lord specifically tells of a danger that lies ahead. ii. Solomon had previously repeatedly exhorted his son to hear his words (Pro 1:5; Pro 1:8; Pro 4:1; Pro 4:10). a. Hear v. - 4. To exercise the auditory function intentionally; to give ear, hearken, listen. b. He does so a fifth time due to the gravity of the subject material. iii. Solomon uses the emphatic O again to get our attention as he did in Pro 4:10. a. O int. (n.) - 1. Standing before a noun in the vocative relation. 2. In other connexions, or without construction, expressing, according to intonation, various emotions, as appeal, entreaty, surprise, pain, lament, etc. b. This should impress upon us the importance and urgency of listening to the word of God, especially to a warning about strange women. B. and depart not from the words of my mouth. i. Solomon had previously exhorted his son to not let his words of wisdom depart from his eyes (Pro 3:21; Pro 4:21). ii. Now he tells us to not depart from his words. iii. Depart v. - II. To go apart or away, with its derived senses. 5. intr. To go asunder; to part or separate from each other, to take leave of each other. Obs. iv. These two commands go together because if we keep our eyes on the word of God we will not depart from its instructions, and we will keep its commandments. v. This is especially important given his warnings about the strange woman in the following verses.
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