Proverbs 5:17 (Mini Sermon)


17. Pro 5:17 - "Let them be only thine own, and not strangers' with thee." A. Let them be only thine own, i. The "them" are the fountains which are the children that issue forth from marriage (Pro 5:16). ii. When a man marries a faithful, godly woman he can be assured that his children will be only his own. iii. When a man marries a strange woman, there is no guarantee that his children will be only his own. B. and not strangers' with thee. i. A man that marries a strange woman might well have strangers' children among his own. ii. "(2.) “A peculiar offspring, which shall be only thy own, whereas the children of whoredom, that are fathered upon thee, are, probably, not so, but, for aught thou knowest, are the offspring of strangers, and yet thou must keep them.” (3.) “A creditable offspring, which are an honour to thee, and which thou mayest send abroad, and appear with, in the streets, whereas a spurious brood is thy disgrace, and that which thou art ashamed to own.”" (Matthew Henry's Commentary, commenting on Pro 5:15-23) iii. " a man's cleaving to his own wife, who is a chaste and virtuous woman, he is satisfied that the children he has by her are his own, and not another's; whereas if he has to do with a common harlot, it is uncertain whose children they are, she prostituting herself to many:" (John Gill's Commentary, commenting on Pro 5:17)
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