Proverbs 5:10 (Mini Sermon)


10. Pro 5:10 - "Lest strangers be filled with thy wealth; and thy labours be in the house of a stranger;" A. Lest strangers be filled with thy wealth; i. In the previous verse (Pro 5:9) Solomon gave two reasons for giving the commandment in Pro 5:8 to stay far away from the strange woman. ii. Solomon now gives an additional reason for doing so. iii. Removing himself from the strange woman and not going near her house will prevent a man from losing his wealth and livelihood. a. Lest conj. - 1. Used as a negative particle of intention or purpose, introducing a clause expressive of something to be prevented or guarded against b. To prevent strangers from being filled with thy wealth, we must remove our way far from the strange woman (Pro 5:10). iv. If a man gets involved with a strange woman, a stranger will end up with his wealth. a. Stranger n. - 1. a. One who belongs to another country, a foreigner; chiefly (now exclusively), one who resides in or comes to a country to which he is a foreigner; an alien. Now somewhat rare; the recent examples show mixture of sense 2 or 4. 2. a. One who is not a native of, or who has not long resided in, a country, town, or place. Chiefly, a new comer, one who has not yet become well acquainted with the place, or (cf. 4) one who is not yet well known. b. Wealth n. - (definitions #1&2 both last used in the 16 century) 3. a. Prosperity consisting in abundance of possessions; ‘worldly goods’, valuable possessions, esp. in great abundance: riches, affluence. c. In other words, the man who commits adultery with a strange woman will lose his possessions and riches to a man that he doesn't even know. v. This is part of the judgment of God for whoredom: "the wealth of the sinner is laid up for the just" (Pro 13:22). a. This is one of God's punishments for sin in general (Job 27:16-17; Ecc 2:26). b. This is how God punishes greedy people (Pro 28:8). c. God rewards victims of crimes with the wealth of their oppressors (Est 8:1-2; Exo 3:21-22). vi. The whoremonger will be taken to divorce court and sued for half of his wealth. a. His wealth will then end up being the property of his ex-wife's new husband. b. Adultery will root out all of a man's increase (Job 31:9-12). B. and thy labours be in the house of a stranger; i. Labor n. - 1. a. Exertion of the faculties of the body or mind, esp. when painful or compulsory; bodily or mental toil. a. The result of labor is money which is used to purchase goods. b. The goods that were acquired by the labor of the adulterer will end up in the house of the man whom his ex-wife marries. c. An example: the sin of the Canaanites (which included sexual sin - Lev 20:23 c/w Lev 20:10-21) resulted in their labor being inherited by the Israelites (Psa 105:44) who were strangers in their land. ii. Not only will the fruits of past labor be in the house of a stranger, but the fruits of present and future labor can as well. a. This happens when the judge orders alimony payments to be made by the adulterer to his wife for a period of time after their divorce. b. This can also happen if the fornicator impregnates the strange woman and has to pay child support for the next 18 years which could end up in the house of her new husband or boyfriend. c. The strange woman can bring a man to poverty (Pro 6:26). d. Beware, men!
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