Proverbs 4:9 (Mini Sermon)


9. Pro 4:9 - "She shall give to thine head an ornament of grace: a crown of glory shall she deliver to thee." A. She shall give to thine head an ornament of grace: i. Ornament n. - 1. a. Any adjunct or accessory (primarily for use, but not excluding decoration or embellishment); equipment, furniture, attire, trappings. Obs. 2. a. Something employed to adorn, beautify, or embellish, or that naturally does this; a decoration, embellishment. ii. Grace n. - I. Pleasing quality, gracefulness. 1. The quality of producing favourable impressions; attractiveness, charm. Now usually with more restricted application: The attractiveness or charm belonging to elegance of proportions, or (especially) ease and refinement of movement, action, or expression. In 16–17th c. occas. Pleasantness of flavour. 2. a. An attractive or pleasing quality or feature. b. quasi-concr. Something that imparts beauty; an ornament; the part in which the beauty of a thing consists. iii. When wisdom is exalted and embraced, she makes the possessor attractive to others like a woman adorned with fine clothing and jewelry. iv. Wisdom resides in the mind (the head), so it is fitting that the ornament is placed on the head. B. a crown of glory shall she deliver to thee. i. Crown n. - 1. a. An ornamental fillet, wreath, or similar encircling ornament for the head, worn for personal adornment, or as a mark of honour or achievement; a coronal or wreath of leaves or flowers. ii. Glory n. - 1. subjectively. a. The disposition to claim honour for oneself; boastful spirit. Obs. exc. in the combination vainglory. 2. objectively. a. Exalted (and, in mod. use, merited) praise, honour, or admiration accorded by common consent to a person or thing; honourable fame, renown. iii. A crown of glory is a figurative encircling ornament on the head which is a display of honour and achievement. a. This crown will be delivered by wisdom. b. In other words it comes via wisdom. iv. The hoary (white) head is a crown of glory (Pro 16:31). a. The gray head of old men is their beauty (Pro 20:29). b. A white/gray head is a sign of age. (i) Wisdom should come with age (Job 32:7). (ii) Unfortunately, sometimes it doesn't (Job 32:9). (iii) This is sadly the case far too often today. c. In other words an aged person's white head should signify wisdom. d. But white hair and age alone do not make a man wise. e. A man's decisions make him wise: the hoary head is a crown of glory, IF it be found in the way of righteousness (Pro 16:31).