Proverbs 4:8 (Mini Sermon)


8. Pro 4:8 - "Exalt her, and she shall promote thee: she shall bring thee to honour, when thou dost embrace her." A. Exalt her, i. Exalt v. - 1. trans. To raise or set up on high; to lift up, elevate. 2. In various fig. or non-material senses: a. To raise in rank, honour, estimation, power, or wealth. d. To praise, extol, magnify. e. To raise to a higher class, a higher degree of value or excellence; to dignify, ennoble. ii. Since wisdom is the principal (highest in rank or importance) thing, we should exalt her by elevating her to the highest place of importance in our life and praise her virtues. iii. This verse shows us the exceeding value of wisdom. a. Wisdom is the only thing outside of God Himself that the scripture records righteous people exalting. b. Every other place in the Bible where the righteous are said to exalt something, it is always God (Exo 15:2; Psa 34:3; Psa 99:5, 9; Psa 107:32; Psa 118:28; Isa 25:1; etc.). B. and she shall promote thee: i. Promote v. - I. 1. a. trans. To advance (a person) to a position of honour, dignity, or emolument; esp. to raise to a higher grade or office; to prefer. ii. When we exalt wisdom instead of ourselves and our own ideas, God will promote us. iii. The wicked do not exalt God or wisdom (Hos 11:7), but always themselves (Psa 66:7; Psa 140:8; Dan 11:36; Oba 1:4; etc.). iv. Those that exalt themselves will be abased (Mat 23:12). v. The key to promotion in this life is prizing wisdom above all else. vi. Those that highly value wisdom and practice it will be promoted at work, in church, in school, in society, and in live in general. C. she shall bring thee to honour, when thou dost embrace her. i. Those that humble themselves and exalt God and wisdom will be exalted by God (1Pe 5:6). ii. In addition to being exalted, wisdom should also be embraced. a. Embrace v. - 1. trans. To clasp in the arms, usually as a sign of fondness or friendship. 2. In various figurative uses. d. To accept gladly or eagerly; also, in weaker sense, to accept; now chiefly, to avail oneself of (an offer, opportunity, etc.). f. To take to one's heart, cultivate (a virtue, disposition, etc.). g. To adopt (a course of action, profession or calling, mode of life). Formerly also, to take (a road or course in travelling). h. To adopt (a doctrine, opinions, religion, etc.); often with the notion ‘to accept joyfully’. Also, to attach oneself to (a party, cause, etc.). b. Wisdom should be accepted joyfully, adopted into our lives, and held onto. iii. When we embrace wisdom, she will being us to honour. a. Honour n. - 1. High respect, esteem, or reverence, accorded to exalted worth or rank; deferential admiration or approbation. a. As felt or entertained in the mind for some person or thing. b. If we want to be highly respected and esteemed, we must first embrace wisdom. c. Nobody highly respects and esteems a man who rejects wisdom and makes foolish choices.