Proverbs 4:20 (Mini Sermon)


20. Pro 4:20 - "My son, attend to my words; incline thine ear unto my sayings." A. My son, attend to my words; i. Solomon repeats his exhortation to his son to attend to his words (Pro 4:1). ii. This would not be the last time Solomon would repeat this exhortation (Pro 5:1; Pro 7:24). iii. Attend v. - I. To direct the ears, mind, energies to anything. 1. To turn one's ear to, listen to. iv. If we are to learn the wisdom of God, we have to focus on doing so by directing our ears, mind, and energy to it. v. The fact that Solomon exhorted his son to attend to his words four times in the book of Proverbs shows how important it is to do so. B. incline thine ear unto my sayings. i. Solomon had also previously exhorted his son to incline his ear unto wisdom (Pro 2:2) and to hear his sayings (Pro 4:10). ii. Incline v. - 1. Bend or bow (the head, the body, oneself) towards a person or thing, and hence forward or downward; b. To bend or turn one's ear(s) towards a speaker, to give ear, listen favourably, attend (to). iii. To incline one's ear to wisdom is to pay close attention to what is being taught and to focus the mind on learning it. iv. Not inclining our ears to the wisdom of the word of God will have disastrous results that will plague us with regret later in life (Pro 5:13).
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