Proverbs 3:32 (Mini Sermon)


32. Pro 3:32 - "For the froward is abomination to the LORD: but his secret is with the righteous." A. For the froward is abomination to the LORD: i. Frowardness is a grave sin. a. Froward adj. - 1. Disposed to go counter to what is demanded or what is reasonable; perverse, difficult to deal with, hard to please; refractory, ungovernable; †also, in a wider sense, bad, evilly-disposed, ‘naughty’. (The opposite of toward.) b. Abomination n. - 1. The feeling or state of mind of combined disgust and hatred; abhorrence, detestation, loathing. c. In other words, God hates, abhors, detests, loathes, and is disgusted with those that are ungovernable, difficult to deal with, and are disposed to go counter to what is demanded and reasonable. ii. By way of the preposition for which connects this verse with Pro 3:31, we see that oppressors are froward and are an abomination to God. iii. God hates a froward mouth (Pro 8:13). iv. Froward people devise mischief continually (Pro 6:14). v. God will show Himself froward with the froward (Psa 18:26). vi. The froward man has a life of difficulty ahead of him (Pro 22:5). vii. These are all further reasons to choose none of the ways of the froward (Pro 3:31). B. but his secret is with the righteous. i. Secret n. - 1. Kept from knowledge or observation; hidden, concealed. a. Predicatively (esp. in to keep secret): Kept from public knowledge, or from the knowledge of persons specified; not allowed to be known, or only by selected persons. ii. God has hid His wisdom from the wise and prudent and revealed it unto babes (Mat 11:25-26). iii. The Lord conceals His truth from the wicked and reveals it to the righteous (Psa 25:14). iv. God kept much of the gospel secret for thousands of years until Christ came and revealed it (Mat 13:35; Rom 16:25). v. God keeps His secrets hidden from the wicked in plain sight (Isa 48:16; Joh 18:20). vi. There are some secret things that belong unto God only and no one else (Deu 29:29).