Proverbs 3:22 (Mini Sermon)


22. Pro 3:22 - "So shall they be life unto thy soul, and grace to thy neck." A. So shall they be life unto thy soul, i. When kept, wisdom and understanding are life to the soul. ii. They don't give physical life, although they can help to sustain it (Pro 3:2, 16, 18). iii. They don't give eternal life to the soul; only God does that (Joh 10:28). iv. But they do give health and quality of life to the soul (Pro 4:22; Pro 16:22). a. Living in sin makes one dead while they live (1Ti 5:6; Rev 3:1). b. Living in wisdom makes one enjoy the best that life has to offer. B. and grace to thy neck. i. Wisdom and understanding will make one attractive to others. ii. Grace n. - I. Pleasing quality, gracefulness. 1. The quality of producing favourable impressions; attractiveness, charm. Now usually with more restricted application: The attractiveness or charm belonging to elegance of proportions, or (especially) ease and refinement of movement, action, or expression. iii. Wisdom gives a Christian a beautiful neck, spiritually speaking. iv. Her beautiful neck becomes even more attractive when the commandments of God are worn on it as a necklace (Pro 1:9; Pro 3:1, 3). v. A wise woman will be far more attractive to a godly man than will a beautiful woman without discretion (Pro 11:22). vi. " ornamental is Christ and his righteousness to a believer! how lovely is the person that is steady in his principles, and regular in his practices! who stands fast in the truths of the Gospel, and whose conversation is as becomes it!" (John Gill, Pro 3:22)