Proverbs 3:20 (Mini Sermon)


20. Pro 3:20 - "By his knowledge the depths are broken up, and the clouds drop down the dew." A. By his knowledge the depths are broken up, i. The depths refer to the oceans and seas (Exo 15:4-5). ii. Depth n. - II. Something that is deep. 7. a. A deep water; a deep part of the sea, or of any body of water. Usually in pl.; now only poetic and rhetorical. b. The great abyss of waters; the deep. Obs. iii. God knows how to break up the depths, and the depths are afraid of Him (Psa 77:16). iv. God used His knowledge to break open the fountains of the great deep and flood the earth in the days of Noah (Gen 7:11-12). B. and the clouds drop down the dew. i. Dew n. - 1. a. The moisture deposited in minute drops upon any cool surface by the condensation of the vapour in the atmosphere; formed after a hot day during or towards night, and plentiful in the early morning. ii. The heavens give dew (Zec 8:12). a. Heaven n. - 2. a. By extension (in accordance with Biblical use) the region of the atmosphere in which the clouds float, the winds blow, and the birds fly; as in the more or less poetical expressions, the clouds, winds, breath, fowls of heaven. Rain or dew of heaven, so called as falling (or supposed to fall) from the clouds. b. Dew comes from the moisture in the air. c. The air is the heaven. d. Therefore, dew comes from the heaven. iii. There are clouds of dew (Isa 18:4). a. Clouds of dew are what we call fog. b. Dew and fog are formed by the same process. c. "Water vapour will condense into droplets depending on the temperature. The temperature at which droplets form is called the dew point. When surface temperature drops, eventually reaching the dew point, atmospheric water vapor condenses to form small droplets on the surface. This process distinguishes dew from those hydrometeors (meteorological occurrences of water), which form directly in air that has cooled to its dew point (typically around condensation nuclei), such as fog or clouds. The thermodynamic principles of formation, however, are the same. Dew is usually formed at night." (Dew, Wikipedia, 11-4-2019) d. Since clouds are water vapor in the air, and dew is water vapor in the air that is condensed on the ground, therefore it can be said that "clouds drop down the dew." iv. The clouds drop down the dew because God in His amazing knowledge designed it that way.