Proverbs 2:1 (Mini Sermon)


1. Pro 2:1 - "My son, if thou wilt receive my words, and hide my commandments with thee;" A. Proverbs 2 begins with a formula to follow to get understanding and find the knowledge and wisdom of God (Pro 2:1-6). B. My son, if... i. These three words, tell us that whatever comes next is conditional. ii. Solomon would have made an excellent computer programmer, having shown his mastery of the if-then statement by adeptly using a complex tri-conditional statement: a. ...if thou wilt receive my words... (v.1) b. ...if thou criest after knowledge... (v. 3) c. ...if thou seekest her as silver... (v. 4) d. ...then shalt thou understand the fear of the LORD, and find the knowledge of God. (v.5) iii. The conditional if statements reveal that the understanding, knowledge, and wisdom of God are available only to those who meet God's criteria. iv. If the conditions are met, then the promised wisdom is given. v. If not, it is withheld. vi. Now that we know the formula to get the knowledge and wisdom of God, we have no one to blame but ourselves if we don't get it. C. If thou wilt receive my words... i. The first condition given to obtain the knowledge of God is to receive God's words. ii. Receive v. - To take in one's hand, or into one's possession (something held out or offered by another); to take delivery of a thing from another, either for oneself or for a third party. iii. Though the words written to his son are said to be Solomon's words, they are also God's words written to His sons since the book of Proverbs is scripture which was written under the inspiration of God (2Pe 1:21). a. God offers His knowledge and wisdom to all of His children, which is implied by the fact that they are entreated to receive His words. b. God's words are only held out to His regenerate children who have the ability to receive them in faith, not to the natural man who "receiveth not the things of the Spirit of God" (1Co 2:14). iv. The first step in finding the knowledge of God is receiving His word. a. But in order to be of any value, the word of God must not simply be accepted into one's hand "as the word of men." b. It must rather be received into one's heart, "as it is in truth, the word of God" (1Th 2:13) with all readiness of mind (Act 17:11). D. ...and hide my commandments with thee. i. We can't stop after having initially received the word of God; we must hide it in our hearts. ii. This means memorizing Bible verses. a. You can do this intentionally by picking a verse and repeating it many times for days in a row. b. You can also do this by reading the Bible often and by listening to sermons often which will cause the verses to be etched in your memory over time. iii. If the word is not hidden within us then Satan can snatch it away (Mar 4:15). iv. The Bible can be confiscated by wicked men, but the scriptures can never be wrested from a Christian who has them hidden, not in his house, but in his heart. v. Having the word of God hidden in the heart is not only the means of finding the wisdom of God, but is also the best way for a believer to keep himself from sin (Psa 119:11; Job 22:22-23).