Proverbs 11:21 (Mini Sermon)


21. Pro 11:21 – "Though hand join in hand, the wicked shall not be unpunished: but the seed of the righteous shall be delivered." A. Though hand join in hand, the wicked shall not be unpunished: i. Definitions a. Join v. – I. trans. To put together, to unite one thing to another, in any kind of connexion physical or immaterial. 2. To put or bring into close contact, cause to touch each other. to join hands: see 19. 19. to join hands (from 2): a. lit. (a) To fold or clasp one's hands together; (b) of two persons, To grasp each the hand of the other, in token of amity, or spec. of marriage. b. fig. (j. hands, j. hand in hand): To associate, to combine in some action or enterprise; to enter into alliance for some particular end. b. Wicked adj. – 1. Bad in moral character, disposition, or conduct; inclined or addicted to wilful wrong-doing; practising or disposed to practise evil; morally depraved. (A term of wide application, but always of strong reprobation, implying a high degree of evil quality.) c. Punish v. – 1. a. trans. As an act of a superior or of public authority: To cause (an offender) to suffer for an offence; to subject to judicial chastisement as retribution or requital, or as a caution against further transgression; to inflict a penalty on. d. In other words, despite the fact that evil people enter into alliances with each other to accomplish nefarious ends and help and support each other, they will be requited and judged for it. ii. The wicked who join hands to commit wickedness are proud and think they are invincible, but they are hated by God and will be punished (Pro 16:5). iii. Sinners who band together to kill and pillage the righteous will die by the sword they lived by (Pro 1:10-19 c/w Mat 26:52 & Rev 13:10 & Jer 43:11). iv. Jehoshaphat king of Judah joined affinity with Ahab king of Israel to go to war against Ramoth-gilead against the Lord's counsel (2Ch 18:1-3, 16). a. Affinity n. – II. Affinity by inclination or attraction. 7. Voluntary social relationship; companionship, alliance, association. (cites 2Ch 18:1) b. Ahab did not go unpunished but died in battle for it (2Ch 18:33-34). c. Jehoshaphat did not go unpunished either, for the wrath of the LORD was upon him (2Ch 19:1-2). v. Later, Jehoshaphat joined himself with Ahaziah king of Israel who was a very wicked man (2Ch 20:35). a. They joined hands to make ships together (2Ch 20:36). b. Jehoshaphat did not go unpunished. c. God destroyed his ships (2Ch 20:37) before they left the port (1Ki 22:48). vi. There were several times in Israel's history that wicked nations joined together to destroy them but were not able (Jos 9:1-2; Neh 4:7-9; Psa 83:1-8). B. but the seed of the righteous shall be delivered. i. Definitions a. Seed n. – 5. Offspring, progeny. Now rare except in Biblical phraseology. b. Righteous adj. – 1. a. Of persons: Just, upright, virtuous; guiltless, sinless; conforming to the standard of the divine or the moral law; acting rightly or justly. c. Deliver v. – I. 1. trans. To set free, liberate, release, rescue, save. b. Now esp. To set free from restraint, imminent danger, annoyance, trouble, or evil generally. d. In other words, the offspring of a just and virtuous man who conforms himself to God's law will be saved from being harmed by the wicked who band together against them. ii. The children of God are the seed (Isa 53:10; Heb 2:13) of Jesus Christ the righteous (1Jo 2:1). iii. God will save His children from the wicked who seek to harm them (Psa 37:9-11, 32-33, 39-40). iv. At the end of time Satan will gather all the nations together against the camp of the saints, but they shall be delivered and the wicked will be punished (Rev 20:8-10, 15).
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