Proverbs 11:13 (Mini Sermon)


13. Pro 11:13 – "A talebearer revealeth secrets: but he that is of a faithful spirit concealeth the matter." A. A talebearer revealeth secrets: i. Definitions a. Talebearer n. – One who officiously carries reports of private matters to gratify malice or idle curiosity. b. Reveal v. – 1. trans. To disclose, make known (to one) in a supernatural manner. 2. To disclose, divulge, make known (to one) by discourse or communication. c. Secret n. – 1. Kept from knowledge or observation; hidden, concealed. a. Predicatively (esp. in to keep secret): Kept from public knowledge, or from the knowledge of persons specified; not allowed to be known, or only by selected persons. d. In other words, there are people who intentionally disclose private information to others which was supposed to be kept from public knowledge for the purpose of gratifying malice or idle curiosity. ii. The LORD straightly forbids talebearing (Lev 19:16). a. Talebearers "go up and down" among their neighbors. b. Those who are not working productively have lots of time to be busybodies and to gossip (2Th 3:11). c. Women are also prone to this, especially young widows. (i) They go from house to house chattering when they should be working at home and caring for children (1Ti 5:13-14). (ii) Idle hands are the devil's workshop. d. Those who have nothing to do but talk to others will inevitably end up talking about others and revealing information that should have been kept secret. e. If you want to keep yourself from trouble, keep your mouth shut when it comes to revealing private things about others (Pro 21:23). iii. Talebearers cause strife (Pro 26:20) and separate friends (Pro 16:28). iv. Talebearers cause emotional wounds by betraying trust (Pro 18:8). v. Some talebearers even go to the point of carrying tales to shed blood (Eze 22:9). vi. Talebearers are also often flatterers; so to avoid being the victim of a talebearer, never disclose private or personal information to a flatterer (Pro 20:19). B. but he that is of a faithful spirit concealeth the matter. i. Definitions a. Faithful adj. – 1. Of persons, their actions, etc.: Full of or characterized by faith (sense 3); believing. 2. a. Firm in fidelity or allegiance to a person to whom one is bound by any tie; constant, loyal, true. 3. a. True to one's word or professed belief; abiding by a covenant or promise, steadfast. 4. a. Of persons and their conduct: Conscientious, thorough in the fulfilment of duty. 5. Of persons and their actions: That may be believed or relied upon; trustworthy, veracious. b. Spirit n. – 1. a. The animating or vital principle in man (and animals); that which gives life to the physical organism, in contrast to its purely material elements; the breath of life. 8. A particular character, disposition, or temper existing in, pervading, or animating, a person or set of persons; a special attitude or bent of mind characterizing men individually or collectively. c. Conceal v. – 1. trans. To keep from the knowledge or observation of others, refrain from disclosing or divulging, keep close or secret. d. In other words, a trustworthy man who is loyal and true to those who confide in him will refrain from disclosing private information that is to be kept secret from others. ii. A faithful man can keep a secret; an unfaithful man cannot. a. Faithful men are hard to find (Pro 20:6). b. This means that those who can keep secrets are rare to come by. iii. Being faithful in keeping secrets is indicative of good character and will result in future blessings. a. If a man proves himself to be faithful and trustworthy in little things like keeping secrets and using discretion when it comes to his mouth, he will be trusted by others to take care of greater things (Mat 25:21; Luk 12:42; Luk 19:17). b. If a man demonstrates himself to be unfaithful in keeping little secrets and personal information private, he is not trustworthy to be entrusted with greater responsibility (Luk 16:10-12). iv. It's especially important for pastors to be faithful in keeping secrets (1Co 4:1-2). v. A pastor's wife must also be faithful in keeping secrets (1Ti 3:11 c/w 1Ti 3:8 c/w 1Ti 3:2). vi. A faithful man or woman might even have to lie at times to keep secret information secret (Jos 2:14 c/w Jos 2:4-5 c/w Heb 11:31 c/w Jam 2:25; Jer 38:24-27).
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