Proverbs 10:26 (Mini Sermon)


26. Pro 10:26 – "As vinegar to the teeth, and as smoke to the eyes, so is the sluggard to them that send him." A. As vinegar to the teeth, i. Vinegar is harsh tasting and destructive to the teeth. ii. Vinegar n. – 1. a. A liquid (consisting of acetic acid in a dilute form) produced by the acetous fermentation of wine and some other alcoholic liquors or special compounds and employed either pure or with various admixtures in the preparation of food (or as a relish to this) and in the arts, etc. 2. In allusive use: a. With reference to the painful or harsh effect of vinegar on a wound, or on the teeth (after Prov. x. 26). iii. Vinegar is not pleasant to drink (Psa 69:21). iv. Giving one vinegar to drink is a display of contempt (Luk 23:36-37). v. Vinegar is destructive to teeth. vi. "Like other acidic beverages, vinegar can damage your teeth. Vinegar can weaken, soften, and erode your teeth’s enamel. Damaged enamel can result in sensitive teeth and dental decay. This risk is exceptionally high for white vinegar, which is the most acidic." (The Effects Of Vinegar For Your Teeth,, 2-28-2022) B. and as smoke to the eyes, i. Smoke n. – The visible volatile product given off by burning or smouldering substances. ii. Smoke in the eyes is painful and is a source of irritation. iii. Wicked people are as smoke in God's nose (Isa 65:3-5). C. so is the sluggard to them that send him. i. Sluggard n. – A. n. a. One who is naturally or habitually slow, lazy, or idle; one who is disinclined for work or exertion of any kind; a slothful or indolent person. a. Sluggards are lazy and won't do what they need to do or what they are commanded to do (Pro 6:9; Pro 20:4; Pro 21:25; Pro 22:13). b. They won't use the talents they have been given to do what they could do (Mat 25:24-27). c. Because of this, they leave destruction in their wakes (Pro 24:30-31; Ecc 10:18). ii. Just as vinegar is harsh and destructive to the teeth and smoke is irritable and painful to the eyes, so is a lazy, slothful man irritating, painful, and destructive to those who send him to do something. a. The way of the slothful is like an hedge of thorns: painful to try to get through (Pro 15:19). b. If one sends a message by the hand of a sluggard he will end up drinking damage (Pro 26:6). c. When a sluggard is sent to do something, he will either not complete the task, or take far longer than is necessary to do so, thus causing damage and frustration to his employer/master. iii. Just as drinking vinegar to quench thirst would be worse than drinking nothing, so is sending a sluggard to complete a task worse than sending nobody. iv. Christians must not be slothful and lazy, but diligent in all that they do (Rom 12:11). a. As Christians, we ought to bring joy to those who send us, not frustration, irritation, and damage. b. We ought to be faithful messengers who refresh our masters (Pro 25:13). c. People should know that they can count on us to do whatever we have been told to do or agree to do.
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