Proverbs 10:22 (Mini Sermon)


22. Pro 10:22 – "The blessing of the LORD, it maketh rich, and he addeth no sorrow with it." A. The blessing of the LORD, it maketh rich, i. Blessing n. – 1. a. Hallowing, consecration. Obs. 3. a. The bestowal of divine favour and prospering influence; favour and prospering influence of God. 4. a. A beneficent gift of God, nature, etc.; anything that makes happy or prosperous; a boon. ii. Rich adj. – 1. a. Of persons: Powerful, mighty, exalted, noble, great. Obs. 2. a. Having large possessions or abundant means; wealthy, opulent. iii. God blesses His children with riches in different ways, such as: a. Physical riches (i) He gives them intellect, skills, abilities, and power to acquire wealth (Deut 8:18; 1Ch 29:12). (ii) He blesses their labor to be fruitful (Gen 12:2 c/w Gen 13:2 c/w Gen 24:35; Gen 26:12-14; Psa 107:35-38; Hos 2:8). (iii) He gives them wisdom which enables them to manage and retain wealth (Pro 27:23-24; Pro 11:16 c/w Pro 24:5). (iv) He gives them wealth directly through inheritance (Deut 25:19; 1Sa 2:7-8; Psa 37:22) or gifts (2Sa 8:6). (v) He gives them richly all things to enjoy (1Ti 6:17). b. Spiritual riches (i) He gives them the riches of the knowledge of Jesus Christ in whom is found all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge (Rom 11:33; Col 2:2-3; Eph 3:8). (ii) He gives them a place in His house where they reign as kings (1Co 4:8; 1Pe 2:9; Rev 5:10). (iii) He blesses them with family, friends, and relationships which enrich their lives (Pro 12:4; Pro 18:22; Pro 19:14; Psa 127:3-5; Pro 17:17; Pro 18:24; Pro 27:9). (iv) He teaches them contentment which equates to riches, in that both a rich man and a content man are in need of nothing (Heb 13:5; 1Ti 6:6-8). B. and he addeth no sorrow with it. i. Sorrow n. – 1. Distress of mind caused by loss, suffering, disappointment, etc.; grief, deep sadness or regret; also, that which causes grief or melancholy; affliction, trouble. ii. When God blesses His children with riches, either physically or spiritually, He adds no sorrow with it. iii. When Satan "blesses" people with worldly riches, sorrow is attached to it. a. Those who have a carnal desire for riches will be pierced through with many sorrows (1Ti 6:9-10). b. They may gain the whole world, but will end up losing their souls (Mar 8:36; Job 27:8). c. Satan's "blessings" of wealth and power come with strings attached (Luk 4:5-7), which lead to suffering and death (Rev 13:4 c/w Rev 14:9-11). d. Judas obtained silver from Satan for his betrayal of Christ (Joh 13:2 c/w Mat 26:14-16), but his life soon ended in sorrow (Mat 27:3-5). iv. When men come into riches through chance or ungodly means, sorrow often follows (Pro 20:21; Pro 28:22; 1Ki 21:19; 2Ki 5:26-27; Jam 5:1-5).
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