Proverbs 10:18 (Mini Sermon)


18. Pro 10:18 – "He that hideth hatred with lying lips, and he that uttereth a slander, is a fool." A. He that hideth hatred with lying lips, i. Definitions a. Hatred n. – The condition or state of relations in which one person hates another; the emotions or feeling of hate; active dislike, detestation; enmity, ill-will, malevolence. b. Hate v. – trans. To hold in very strong dislike; to detest; to bear malice to. The opposite of to love. c. Hate n. – 1. An emotion of extreme dislike or aversion; detestation, abhorrence, hatred. d. Lying adj. – 1. Of a person, his lips, etc.: That tells lies. e. Lie n. – 1. An act or instance of lying; a false statement made with intent to deceive; a criminal falsehood. f. Lie v. – 1. intr. To tell a lie or lies; to utter falsehood; to speak falsely. ii. There are people who make false, misleading, and deceitful statements to conceal their enmity, malice, ill-will and malevolence towards others. a. Such people dissemble with their lips (Pro 26:24). b. Dissemble v. - 1. trans. To alter or disguise the semblance of (one's character, a feeling, design, or action) so as to conceal, or deceive as to, its real nature; to give a false or feigned semblance to; to cloak or disguise by a feigned appearance. c. They speak fair, but there are abominations in their hearts (Pro 26:25). d. Fair adj. - 1. Beautiful to the eye; of pleasing form or appearance; good-looking. 4. Of language, diction: Elegant. Hence fair speaker. 5. a. Of external manifestations, words, promises: Attractive or pleasing at the first sight or hearing; specious, plausible, flattering. e. Their hatred is covered by deceit (Pro 26:26). f. Deceit n. - 1. The action or practice of deceiving; concealment of the truth in order to mislead; deception, fraud, cheating, false dealing. g. Liars may lie to your face to hide their hatred of you, or they may lie to others about their feelings about you to keep them from discovering their hatred. iii. Such people will pretend to be your friend with outward displays of affection to hide their hatred (Pro 27:6 c/w Mat 26:49). iv. We ought to pray to be delivered from lying lips and deceitful tongues of those who hate us (Psa 120:2). v. Those who hide hatred through lies and deceit are fools as the verse goes on to say. B. and he that uttereth a slander, is a fool. i. Slander n. – 1. The utterance or dissemination of false statements or reports concerning a person, or malicious misrepresentation of his actions, in order to defame or injure him; calumny, defamation. ii. In addition to lying to you or others to conceal their feelings of hatred towards you, wicked people will also spread malicious false statements about you to try to ruin your reputation. a. Both those who hide hatred through lying lips and slanderers are fools. b. Fool n. - I. 1. a. One deficient in judgement or sense, one who acts or behaves stupidly, a silly person, a simpleton. (In Biblical use applied to vicious or impious persons.) The word has in mod.Eng. a much stronger sense than it had at an earlier period; it has now an implication of insulting contempt which does not in the same degree belong to any of its synonyms, or to the derivative foolish. c. Be very cautious to not repeat rumors about people which you do not know the truth of for certain. d. If you disseminate false information about someone, you are a slanderer and a fool. e. Slanders and deceitful liars need a severe beating, being fools (Pro 26:3). iii. Slanderers who are motivated by hatred are dangerous and sometimes deadly (Psa 31:13). a. A good ruler will rid the land of such wicked people (Psa 101:3-8). b. The new earth will be free of liars and slanderers (Rev 22:15).
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