Proverbs 1:21 (Mini Sermon)


21. Pro 1:21 - "She crieth in the chief place of concourse, in the openings of the gates: in the city she uttereth her words, saying," A. Solomon here elaborates on the previous verse (Pro 1:20). B. Wisdom doesn't proclaim her message in empty roads or barren highways. i. She rather does so in the busiest of streets, in the chief place of concourse. ii. Chief adj. - 1.b Of things: Highest in rank, capital, head iii. Concourse n. - 1. a. The running or flocking together of people; the condition or state of being so gathered together. iv. In other words, wisdom cries in the midst of the crowd in order to be heard by the greatest amount of people possible. v. Therefore, no man can fault God for not informing him of His truth, for He "commandeth all men every where to repent" (Act 17:30). vi. Not only does wisdom cry in the bustling boulevards, but in every corner of the earth and heavens (Rom 1:20; Psa 19:1). vii. All have heard wisdom's cry (Rom 10:18). C. Wisdom also cries in the opening of the gates and in the city. i. The gates were the entry of a city (Pro 8:3). ii. Cities in Solomon's day were walled with gates allowing access to them. iii. Thus the gates were bottlenecks of entry where condensed crowds of people served as the most efficient place for wisdom to utter her words. iv. The gate of a city was also the place where the elders of the land assembled and civil judgment occurred, a city hall of sorts (Deu 22:15; Pro 31:23; Amo 5:12,15). a. If there is ever a place where the cry of wisdom is needed it is in the places of judgment. b. Courts are often corrupt, which Solomon knew first hand and lamented (Ecc 3:16). c. The scripture declares that "he that ruleth over men must be just, ruling in the fear of God" (2Sa 23:3). d. But without godly wisdom there is no justice, for it is by wisdom that princes decree justice and rule (Pro 8:15-16). v. Therefore, neither judges nor the judged will have standing to plead ignorance in God's court on judgment day, for wisdom cried unto them at every turn while they walked the streets of life. vi. If a Christian today is looking for a place to preach the wisdom of God, he could do so the next time he is at the airport in the concourse at the gates.