Proverbs 1:11 (Mini Sermon)


11. Pro 1:11 - "If they say, Come with us, let us lay wait for blood, let us lurk privily for the innocent without cause:" A. Solomon here describes the nature and thinking of fallen, depraved men. i. These are sinners (Pro 1:10) who have not been saved by grace (Pro 1:16 c/w Rom 3:15). ii. Therefore, it can be concluded that the conspirators in Pro 1:10-19 are not a rare exception to the generally good members of the human family. iii. They are actually the norm which all men would imitate if not saved by the grace of God, or, in the case of the reprobate, restrained by the hand of God (Psa 76:10). iv. For a child of God with a conscience, it is difficult to imagine that there are men in this world who actually "lay wait for blood" and "who lurk privily for the innocent without cause", but there are such people among us. B. They carry out their despicable deeds privily. i. Privily adv. - 1. In a privy manner; not openly or publicly; secretly, privately; stealthily; craftily. ii. They do their devilment in the darkness because they are darkness (2Co 6:14), and they love darkness (Joh 3:19). iii. Sinners commit their sins at night when they are concealed (2Pe 3:10; 1Th 5:7). iv. Deeds that must be done in secret are usually evil (Eph 5:12). v. Thank God that we who were sometimes darkness are now light in the Lord (Eph 5:8). C. These reprobates would be classified as psychopaths today, for they "lurk privily for the innocent without cause." i. Psychopaths show no empathy for their fellow man, even for those they know to be innocent. ii. Their consciences are seared with a hot iron (1Ti 4:2). iii. They target the vulnerable without cause, feeling no pricks in their stony hearts, and deriving pleasure thereby. iv. When a young man, or any man, comes into contact with someone possessing these wicked tendencies, he most certainly must steer clear of them completely (Pro 1:15).