Proverbs (Part 064) - Pro 6:15-16


15. Pro 6:15 - "Therefore shall his calamity come suddenly; suddenly shall he be broken without remedy." A. Therefore shall his calamity come suddenly; i. Therefore adv. - II. 2. In consequence of that; that being so; as a result or inference from what has been stated; consequently. ii. As a consequence of being a naughty person and a wicked man who walks with a froward mouth (Pro 6:12), has a frowardness in his heart, devises mischief continually, and sows discord (Pro 6:14), calamity will come up him suddenly. a. Calamity n. - 1. The state or condition of grievous affliction or adversity; deep distress, trouble, or misery, arising from some adverse circumstance or event. b. Suddenly adv. - 1. Without warning or preparation; all at once, all of a sudden. iii. Life often goes well for the wicked for a time while their cup of iniquity is filling up (Gen 15:16; Ecc 8:12). iv. Because of this their heart is fully set in them to do evil (Ecc 8:11). v. It can seem like it takes forever while we wait to be avenged of our persecutors (Rev 6:10). vi. But when judgment time comes from God, it comes suddenly and grievously (Psa 37:1-2; Pro 3:25; Pro 29:1; 1Th 5:3). a. The destruction of Babylon came suddenly (Isa 47:11) after she had been unmerciful (v. 6), given to pleasure (v. 8), dwelling carelessly (v. 8), proud (v. 8), trusting in herself (v. 10), and wise in her own conceit (v. 10). (i) Does that sound like another nation we are quite familiar with? (ii) Babylon was conquered suddenly in one night (Dan 5:30-31). b. The destruction of Mystery Babylon will likewise come suddenly in one hour (Rev 18:10, 19). B. suddenly shall he be broken without remedy. i. The wicked will be broken. a. Broken adj. - 1. a. Separated forcibly into parts; in fragments; in pieces. (The resulting damaged state is often the main notion.) b. God will break their arms (Psa 10:15) and teeth (Psa 58:6). c. He will dash them to pieces (Psa 2:9). ii. The wicked will be broken without remedy. a. Remedy n. - 1. a. A cure for a disease or other disorder of body or mind; any medicine or treatment which alleviates pain and promotes restoration to health. 2. a. A means of counteracting or removing an outward evil of any kind; reparation, redress, relief. b. When the judgment of wicked men comes, there will be no redress or relief (Pro 29:1; 2Ch 36:16-17). 16. Pro 6:16 - "These six things doth the LORD hate: yea, seven are an abomination unto him:" A. These six things doth the LORD hate: i. Solomon is introducing a list of things that God hates in the next three verses (Pro 6:17-19). a. Hate v. - 1. trans. To hold in very strong dislike; to detest; to bear malice to. The opposite of to love. b. Hate is not just a lesser degree of love like some think. c. Hate is the opposite of love. ii. A lot of people have a faulty conception of God. a. Because of the prevalence of Arminianism (a false doctrine which teaches that God loves and wants to save everybody), they think that God only loves. b. Most people don't know (and refuse to believe) that God not only loves but also hates. c. It's true that God is the God of love (2Co 13:11), and God is love (1Jo 4:16). d. But what and whom does God love? (i) God loves judgment (Psa 37:28). (ii) God loves righteousness (Psa 45:7). (iii) God loves the righteous (Psa 146:8). (iv) The LORD loves His children (Heb 12:6; Jer 31:3). e. God is love, but God doesn't love everything and everybody though. (i) God hates sin (Heb 1:9). (ii) God also hates sinners (Psa 5:5; Rom 9:13). f. It is not unholy to hate. (i) God hates evil because it's contrary to His holiness and His law (Pro 8:13; Hab 1:13). (ii) We should hate evil for the same reason (Psa 119:128). B. yea, seven are an abomination unto him: i. There are seven things in the three following verses that God abominates. a. Abomination n. - 1. The feeling or state of mind of combined disgust and hatred; abhorrence, detestation, loathing. b. These things are not only hateful, but also disgusting to God. c. If we are to be conformed to the image of Christ (Eph 4:13), they should be hateful and disgusting to us too. ii. Saying "there are six things...yea, seven..." is a poetic style in the Hebrew for saying that there are seven things that God hates/abominates (c/w Pro 30:15, 18, 21, 29). iii. Each of the seven things the LORD hates in this list are the members and the person of the wicked. iv. Since God hates sin in general, there are numerous other things that God hates, but these are the ones that Solomon chose to warn his son about because they are particularly odious in God's sight.
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