Proverbs (Part 141) - Pro 11:1


XIII. Chapter 11 1. Pro 11:1 – "A false balance is abomination to the LORD: but a just weight is his delight." A. A false balance is abomination to the LORD: i. Definitions a. False adj. – 3. Of a balance, measure: Not truly adjusted, incorrect. b. Balance n. – 1. An apparatus for weighing, consisting of a beam poised so as to move freely on a central pivot, with a scale pan at each end. c. Abomination n. – 1. The feeling or state of mind of combined disgust and hatred; abhorrence, detestation, loathing. d. In other words, God hates and is disgusted by a weighing balance which is intentionally adjusted incorrectly to defraud people in financial transactions. e. More generally, God hates cheating and dishonest dealing. ii. During the time that Solomon wrote this proverb, balances were used to weigh goods or commodities (such as gold or silver which were used as money) against a known, standard weight. a. A balance should be adjusted so that it registers no weight when both pans are empty. b. Dishonest people would incorrectly adjust the balance so that it would overstate the weight of the material to be purchased or understate the weight of the money being used to purchase an item. iii. This practice is called falsifying a balance by deceit (Amo 8:5-6). iv. It is also called unrighteousness in judgment (Lev 19:35-36). v. Wicked men oppress others with balances of deceit (Hos 12:7; Amo 8:5-6). vi. God hates dishonest dealings. a. God hates divers weights and measures and a false balance (Pro 20:10; Pro 20:23; Deut 25:13-16). b. God considers false balances wicked (Mic 6:10-11). c. God hates corrupt business and commerce. vii. Another form of falsifying a balance is by deceptively convincing an ignorant seller that his item is worthless or in poor condition in order to get him to sell it to him for less than it's worth (Pro 20:14). a. Naught adj. – Of no worth or value; good for nothing; worthless, useless, bad, poor. b. For example: unscrupulous men could easily do this to a widow who knows nothing about her late-husband's tools she is selling. c. God hates such deceitful dealings. B. but a just weight is his delight. i. Definitions a. Just adj. – 9. Of a calculated result, measure, amount, number, date, etc.: Exact, as opposed to approximate. Also with defining word: That is exactly what is designated; = '(the) exact..'. b. Of an instrument, natural action, etc.: Exact or uniform in operation, regular, even. 10. Corresponding exactly in amount, duration, position, etc.; equal; even, level. b. Characterized by or involving exact correspondence. b. Weight n. – IV. A standard of quantity determined by, or employed in, weighing. 20. A standard of weight. 22. A piece of metal or other substance, weighing a known amount and identical with one of the units or with a multiple or aliquot part of a unit in some recognized scale. c. Delight n. – 1. a. The fact or condition of being delighted; pleasure, joy, or gratification felt in a high degree. 2. Anything in which one takes delight, or which affords delight; an object of delight; a source of great pleasure or joy. d. In other words, an exact and accurate weight that is used to facilitate fair trade and commerce brings God great pleasure and joy. e. God doesn't hate business and commerce. (i) On the contrary, God loves honest business and commerce. (ii) God only hates corrupt business and commerce. ii. A just weight and balance are the LORD's (Pro 16:11). a. Those who use a just weight and balance are following God's ways and precepts. b. Those who do so are His delight (Pro 11:20). c. God delights in those who exercise judgment and righteousness (Jer 9:24). iii. God commands the use of just balances and just weights and measures (Eze 45:10-12). iv. Those that deal truly using just weights are just men and are God's delight (Pro 12:22; Eze 18:9).
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