Other Churches of Like Faith

We are a completely independent and autonomous church which is part of no denomination or association, nor are we in any way connected to another church. However, there are several other churches in the US and Canada that we are in full agreement with concerning doctrine and practice that we recommend you contact and visit if you agree with the beliefs and practices of our church but live in another part of the country.

The Cincinnati Church

The Cincinnati Church is located in Cincinnati, Ohio and is pastored by Tim Boffey. www.CincinnatiChurch.net

The Detroit Church

The Detroit Church is located in Detroit, Michigan and is pastored by Ben Mott. www.DetroitChurch.net

The Lakeland Church

The Lakeland Church is located in Lakeland, Florida and is pastored by Jim Henderson. There are also several non-resident members of the Lakeland Church in Las Vegas. www.TheLakelandChurch.org

The Grand Rapids Church

The Grand Rapids Church is located in Grand Rapids, Michigan and is pastored by Phil Jonker. Email Pastor Wagner for contact info for the Grand Rapids Church.

The Pennsylvania Church

The Pennsylvania Church is located in New Castle and Somerset, Pennsylvania and is pastored by Ben Mott. Email Pastor Wagner for contact info for the Pennsylvania Church.

The Odell Church

The Odell Church is located in Odell, Texas and is pastored by Terry Patton. Email Pastor Wagner for contact info for the Odell Church.

Good Ground Baptist Church

Good Ground Baptist Church is located in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada and is pastored by Brian Dupont. www.GoodGroundBaptistChurch.com

This map shows the locations of churches of like-faith and the locations of groups of non-resident members of those churches that assemble together.