One Thing (Part 1) - Devotion to God

One Thing I. There are many things that we have to devote our time, thoughts, and energies to. 1. Husbands have to spend much of their time and energy working to provide for their families (2Th 3:10-12; 1Ti 5:8). 2. Women have to spend much of their time and energy taking care of the house, cooking, cleaning, doing dishes and laundry, and caring for children (1Ti 5:14; Tit 2:3-5). 3. It would be wrong of us to neglect those God-given duties. 4. But what do we spend our time thinking about and doing when our required duties are accomplished for the day? A. What do we wish we could be doing or thinking about when we are doing what we must? (Psa 119:20, 40, 123, 131, 174) i. Long v. - II. 5. impers. with accus. me longs (longeth): I have a yearning desire; I long. 6. To have a yearning desire; to wish earnestly. ii. Wish v. - 1. a. trans. To have or feel a wish for; to desire. iii. Desire v. - 1. trans. To have a strong wish for; to long for, covet, crave. B. Where do our minds wander when we have time to let them? (Psa 119:97, 113) C. What do we most desire in our hearts to have? (Psa 119:72) D. Do we think and talk about God, His word, His kingdom, and His people when our minds are not preoccupied with the necessities of life? E. Where do we go when were are free to go? (Act 4:23) F. When we have free time in the car, on the lawn mower, or when doing other mundane things, are we eager to listen to sermons -- or podcasts, music, or talk radio? (Psa 119:33) G. Are our conversations dominated by spiritual things or carnal things? (Psa 71:24; Psa 77:12; Psa 119:27; Psa 145:10-12) II. There are a million things that an undisciplined mind can preoccupy itself with, but a wise man is focused on one thing (Pro 17:24). 1. What does the average person apply his thoughts and pursuits to? A. Sports B. Hobbies C. Leisure D. Work, occupation, career E. Politics F. News and current events G. Movies H. TV shows I. Celebrities J. Surfing the internet K. YouTube videos L. Fictional books M. Exercising N. Eating 2. Most of these things are okay when done in moderation (Php 4:5; 1Co 9:25). 3. But how do all those things individually and collectively compare to the "one thing" that should consume our thoughts and desires? 4. Jesus, even as a child, was about His Father's business (Luk 2:49). 5. Jesus had His mind focused on one thing. III. What is the "one thing" that should be the focus of our lives, thoughts, conversations, plans, and pursuits? 1. It has many facets, but it can be summed up by this one thing: devotion to God.
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