Micah 4:1-7 (Part 2) - The Halted, Assembled Remnant

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VI. Micah 4:4 1. But they shall sit every man under his vine and under his fig tree; A. Vine and fig trees are fruit bearing vegetation. B. Rather than being at war, the converted of the nations would find sustenance from God (Mat 6:31-33; Php 4:19). C. They would find rest in Jesus Christ (Mat 11:28-30; Heb 4:3). 2. and none shall make them afraid: for the mouth of the LORD of hosts hath spoken it. A. They were delivered from fear of man (Mat 10:28). B. They were delivered from fear of death (Heb 2:14-15). VII. Micah 4:5 1. For all people will walk every one in the name of his god, A. The unconverted people of the Gentiles continued to follow their false gods (1Co 10:20-21). B. Many Gentiles that heard the gospel rejected it and continued to walk in their own ways (Act 14:16 c/w Act 17:29-32). 2. and we will walk in the name of the LORD our God for ever and ever. A. The Israel of God (elect Jews and Gentiles) would walk after the Lord Jesus Christ (Gal 6:15-16; Col 2:6; 1Th 2:12). B. Christians in the church walk in newness of life (Rom 6:4). C. They no longer walk as other Gentiles walk (Eph 4:17). VIII. Micah 4:6 1. In that day, saith the LORD, will I assemble her that halteth, and I will gather her that is driven out, and her that I have afflicted; A. The Jews had been estranged from their God prior to the coming of Christ (Mat 4:16). B. Jesus came unto his own afflicted people (Joh 1:11; Mat 15:24). C. Jesus came to comfort them (Isa 40:1-5; Luk 2:25-32). D. Consolation n. - 1. The action of consoling, cheering, or comforting; the state of being consoled; alleviation of sorrow or mental distress. E. God visited them, redeemed them, and delivered them from their enemies (Luk 1:68-69, 74). F. The Lord called them to repentance (Mar 1:14-15). G. He gathered them into His church (those that would come) (Gen 49:10; Mat 23:37; Joh 11:50-52; 1Co 12:13). H. They were assembled unto Him in His church after they rejected Him (Act 2:37-42). IX. Micah 4:7 1. And I will make her that halted a remnant, A. A remnant of the Jews were converted and became Christians (Rom 9:27; Rom 11:1-5). B. The repentant Jews that were halted were healed by Christ (Mat 13:15). i. The Jews that Jesus was speaking to in Mat 13:15 were not healed. ii. But the Jews that did repent and we converted were healed. C. Jesus healed the brokenhearted, preached deliverance to the captives, and set at liberty them that were bruised (Luk 4:18). 2. and her that was cast far off a strong nation: A. They, along with the converted Gentiles, were made a holy nation (1Pe 2:5, 9). B. They became part of the nation that God had given His kingdom to (Mat 21:43). 3. and the LORD shall reign over them in mount Zion from henceforth, even for ever. A. Jesus Christ would reign over them in His church (Eph 1:20-23) which is mount Zion (Heb 12:22-23). B. He will reign over them for ever, world without end (Eph 3:21).
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