Lessons From Bad King Ahaz (Part 7) - Isaiah 7

Pastor Wagner preached an extemporaneous sermon series on the life of King Ahaz (Isaiah 7) and the lessons that we can learn from his bad example. In this sermon some of the lessons include how we must not be moved by the winds of false doctrine; how we should not fear men or our circumstances, but instead trust in God; how God would not let Ahaz be replaced by another king because the Lord Jesus Christ was to be born through his lineage; how we must believe to be established and stable; how wicked men hide their unbelief and rebellion under a cloke of piety; how Jesus Christ is God manifest in the flesh; how life begins at conception; how the virgin conceiving Christ was a sign to the house of David; how God will use the arm of flesh that we lean on to destroy us for our sins against Him. This sermon is a verse by verse exposition of Isaiah 7.


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