Joseph - A Type of Jesus Christ (Part 1)

Watch the video of this sermon on YouTube: Joseph - A Type of Jesus Christ (Part 1) For the outline and the rest of the Bible studies in this series, click here: Joseph - A Type of Jesus Christ To listen to or watch the next Bible study in the series, click here: Part 2 Joseph: A Type of Jesus Christ I. The lessons and pictures in the OT should be used as our examples by which we should be instructed, admonished, and reproved (1Co 10:11; Rom 15:4). II. Many things in the Old Testament were types of spiritual realities in the New Testament. 1. Type n. - 1. a. That by which something is symbolized or figured; anything having a symbolical signification; a symbol, emblem; spec. in Theol. a person, object, or event of Old Testament history, prefiguring some person or thing revealed in the new dispensation; correl. to antitype. in (the) type, in symbolic representation. 2. The tabernacle service and sacrifices, dietary law, and sabbath law were shadows and figures of Christ and His work of redemption (Heb 10:1; Heb 8:1-5; Heb 9:8-9,23-24; Col 2:14-17). A. Shadow n. - 6. fig. c. An obscure indication; a symbol, type; a prefiguration, foreshadowing. B. Signify v. - 1. a. trans. To be a sign or symbol of; to represent, betoken, mean. C. Figure n. - II. Represented form; image, likeness. 9. a. The image, likeness, or representation of something material or immaterial. 3. Adam was a figure of Christ (Rom 5:14; 1Co 15:45-47). 4. Noah's ark was a figure of Christ (1Pe 3:20-21). 5. Isaac was also a figure of Christ. A. Abraham offered up his only begotten son, accounting that God was able to raise him from the dead, from whence he received him in a figure (Heb 11:17-19). B. Abraham's offering up of Isaac was a picture of God offering His only begotten Son (Gen 22:8 c/w Joh 3:16 c/w 1Pe 1:19 c/w 1Jo 3:16 c/w Heb 1:3). 6. Though above all, Joseph was probably the most clear type of Jesus Christ in the OT. III. The life of Joseph bears many similarities with the life of Jesus Christ -- at least 64 of them. 1. Joseph was Jacob's favorite son (Gen 37:3), born to his favorite wife, Rachel (Gen 30:22-24). A. Jesus was God's only begotten Son (Joh 1:18; Joh 3:16). B. Jesus was born from God's favorite nation (Rom 9:4-5; Deu 7:6-8), which was His wife (Jer 3:8). 2. Joseph was the son of his father's old age (Gen 37:3). A. Jesus was the Ancient of Days' Son (Dan 7:13) whom came after a long wait (Gal 4:4). 3. Joseph's father made him a coat of many colors (Gen 37:3). A. Jesus was given a special garment from His Father (Isa 63:1-3 c/w Rev 19:13). 4. Joseph's brethren were jealous and envious of him (Gen 37:4,11). A. Jesus' brethren, the Jews, envied him (Mar 15:10). 5. Joseph told his brethren a dream (a prophetic revelation) that he had in which it was revealed that he would rule over them, and they hated him more for it (Gen 37:5-7). A. Jesus came with a revelation from God for His people (Heb 1:1-2). B. He told them that He would rule over them (Joh 5:22-23; Mat 25:31-32). C. They hated Him for it (Joh 15:22-25).