Isaiah 53 (Part 04) - Isa 53:5


Isaiah 53 (Part 4) - Isa 53:5 5. Isa 53:5 - But he was wounded for our transgressions, he was bruised for our iniquities: the chastisement of our peace was upon him; and with his stripes we are healed. A. But he was wounded for our transgressions, he was bruised for our iniquities: i. This verse begins with but, which sets it in contrast with the previous clause. ii. Rather than being wounded for His sins, Christ was instead wounded and bruised for our sins. a. But conj. - III. In a compound sentence, connecting the two co-ordinate members; or introducing an independent sentence connected in sense, though not in form, with the preceding. 23. As adversative conjunction, appending a statement contrary to, or incompatible with, one that is negatived: On the contrary. b. Wounded ppl. - 1. Subjected to, injured or impaired by, wounding; suffering from a wound or wounds; a. Of persons or animals. (i) Wound v. - 1. trans. To inflict a wound on (a person, the body, etc.) by means of a weapon; to injure intentionally in such a way as to cut or tear the flesh. (ii) Wound n. - 1. a. A hurt caused by the laceration or separation of the tissues of the body by a hard or sharp instrument, a bullet, etc.; an external injury. c. Transgression n. – 1. a. The action of transgressing or passing beyond the bounds of legality or right; a violation of law, duty, or command; disobedience, trespass, sin. d. Bruised ppl. adj. – 1. Hurt or damaged by a heavy blow; contused; with skin crushed and discoloured. 2. Crushed, battered, dinted. 3. Crushed small, brayed, pounded. e. Bruise v. – 1. trans. ‘To crush or mangle with the heavy blow of something not edged or pointed; to crush by any weight’ (J.). But now chiefly in a weaker sense: To injure by a blow which discolours the skin but does not lacerate it, and breaks no bones; to contuse: a. (the body of men or animals). f. Iniquity n. – 1. The quality of being unrighteous, or (more often) unrighteous action or conduct; unrighteousness, wickedness, sin; sometimes, esp. in early use, Wrongful or injurious action towards another, infliction of wrong, injury; in modern use generally connoting gross injustice or public wrong. g. Jesus Christ had no sin to be wounded and bruised for (2Co 5:21; 1Pe 2:22; 1Jo 3:5; Heb 4:15; Joh 14:30; Joh 8:46; Joh 18:38). h. He was lacerated and beaten for our disobedience and wrongs we committed against God. iii. The bruising of Christ fulfilled an ancient prophecy (Gen 3:15). a. The LORD used Satan’s hatred and enmity of the Messiah to accomplish His bruising for the sins of the elect. b. Satan created a vast conspiracy among the Romans, the Jews, Herod, Pontious Pilate, the chief priests, and rulers of the Jews to destroy Jesus Christ (Psa 2:1-2 c/w Act 4:25-28). c. Satan and his seed orchestrated the crucifixion of Christ, not knowing it would be their undoing (1Co 2:7-8; Act 13:27; Heb 2:14; 1Jo 3:8; Col 2:14-15). B. the chastisement of our peace was upon him; i. Chastisement n. – 1. Authoritative correction of one who is in fault; means of amendment, discipline, training. 2. Corrective or disciplinary punishment, correction, chastening; also simply punishment. ii. Peace n. – 1. a. Freedom from, or cessation of, war or hostilities; that condition of a nation or community in which it is not at war with another. 3. a. Freedom from disturbance or perturbation (esp. as a condition in which an individual person is); quiet, tranquility, undisturbed state. 5. Freedom from mental or spiritual disturbance or conflict arising from passion, sense of guilt, etc.; calmness; peace of mind, soul, or conscience. iii. Chastisement brings peace. a. The temporal chastisement of God’s children by Him fits them to be partakers of His holiness (Heb 12:10), and yields the peaceable fruit of righteousness (Heb 12:11). b. Because our sins demand everlasting punishment (chastisement) (Mat 25:46), Jesus Christ had to suffer as God to make atonement for them (1Pe 3:18 c/w 1Jo 3:16 c/w Act 20:28). c. Christ made everlasting peace between us and God by His death on the cross (Col 1:20; Rom 5:10). d. The chastisement of our peace was upon Christ as He suffered for us to make reconciliation between us and God. C. and with his stripes we are healed. i. Stripe n. – 1. A blow or stroke with a staff, sword, or other weapon, with a missile, with the claws or hoofs of an animal, etc. 2. A stroke or lash with a whip or scourge. Now arch., chiefly in pl. a. Whip n. - 1. a. An instrument for flogging or beating, consisting either of a rigid rod or stick with a lash of cord, leather, etc. attached, or of a flexible switch with or without a lash, used for driving horses, chastising human beings, and other purposes. b. Scourge n. - 1. a. A whip, lash. Now only rhetorical, with reference to the torturing of human beings, or to ascetic discipline. c. Lash n. - 1. a. gen. A sudden or violent blow; a dashing or sweeping stroke (obs.). b. spec. A stroke with a thong or whip. ii. Healed ppl. adj. – Restored to health, cured. iii. Heal v. – 1. trans. To make whole or sound in bodily condition; to free from disease or ailment, restore to health or soundness; to cure (of a disease or wound). iv. This prophecy was fulfilled when Jesus bore our sins in His own body as He was beaten and hung on the cross (1Pe 2:24). a. Sin is the cause of disease, suffering, and death (Rom 6:23; Rom 8:22). b. Stripes, which cause bruising, cleanse away evil (Pro 20:30). c. The beatings that Christ endured took away our sins and healed us of the spiritual and physical sickness it brought. d. We will be fully healed when our bodies are resurrected and redeemed from the curse of sin (Rom 8:23; Rev 21:4). v. As a result of Christ’s suffering for us, we are healed. a. Notice Isa 53:5 doesn’t say “with his stripes we may be healed,” or “with his stripes he made our healing possible.” b. It was prophesied that Christ actually healed us through His suffering for our sins. c. In fulfillment of prophecy, Jesus did indeed heal us (1Pe 2:24; Rom 4:25; Heb 10:14).
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