Heaven (Part 35) - New Jerusalem (Part E)


Heaven (Part 35) - New Jerusalem (Part E) O. There is no more curse in the new Jerusalem and new earth (Rev 22:3a). i. The new Jerusalem and the new earth will not be cursed because of sin as was the original creation after the fall (Gen 3:17-19; Rom 8:20-23). a. The ground will not be cursed. b. We will not eat of the fruit of the ground in sorrow any longer. c. There will be no thorns and thistles. d. We will not have to toil and sweat for our food. e. We will no longer be subject to vanity. f. We will no longer be under the bondage of corruption. g. There will be no more groaning and travailing. P. The throne of God and of the Lamb shall be in the new Jerusalem (Rev 22:3b). i. God the Father will have His throne in the city (Psa 103:19), and the Lord Jesus Christ will be seated on His throne at the Father's right hand (Heb 12:2). ii. God's throne is like a fiery flame (Dan 7:9). iii. Christ's throne is the throne of David which is currently in heaven (Isa 9:7; Psa 89:35-37). a. Jesus has been seated on it since His ascension into heaven (Act 2:29-33). b. Christ's throne was promised to be established forever (2Sa 7:13, 16), and it will be in the new Jerusalem on the new earth. iv. God children who overcome sin and are zealous for God in this life will sit with Christ in his throne (Rev 3:21). Q. God's servants will serve Him in the new Jerusalem (Rev 22:3c). R. We will see God's face in the new Jerusalem on the new earth (Rev 22:4a). i. This will be the most amazing part of being in heaven. ii. No man has seen the face of God and lived (Exo 33:20; Joh 1:18; 1Jo 4:12). iii. Moses saw God's back parts, but not His face (Exo 33:21-23). iv. Men saw the face of Jesus Christ who is God manifest in the flesh (1Ti 3:16) and the express image of God (Heb 1:3). a. Men even saw Jesus in a glorified state on the mount of transfiguration (Mat 17:2). b. They beheld His glory (Joh 1:14; Luk 9:32). v. But they never saw the face of God the Father (Joh 6:46), and they never saw the face of Jesus Christ in His fully glorified state as He is now in heaven (1Ti 6:16; Rev 1:16). vi. When Jesus Christ appears at the second coming, we will see Him as he is (1Jo 3:2). vii. In the new Jerusalem in our resurrected, glorified bodies we will see God's face in all His effulgence (Job 19:25-27). viii. When we get to heaven we shall see God (Mat 5:8). S. God's name will be in our foreheads (Rev 22:4b). i. The elect have the Father's name written in their foreheads (Rev 14:1-4). a. The Father's name in the forehead is the seal which proves that God's children are His (Rev 7:3). b. Seal v. - 1. a. trans. To place a seal upon (a document) as evidence of genuineness, or as a mark of authoritative ratification or approval. b. fig. To authenticate or attest solemnly by some act compared to the affixing of a seal. 2. a. To mark by a seal as reserved for a particular destination. Chiefly fig., esp. in certain uses of New Testament origin: To designate, set apart, assign to another person or bind together, by an inviolable token or pledge. 1526 Tindale Rev. vii. 3 [The angel] cryed+saying: hurt not the erth+tyll I have sealed [Wycl. 1382 til we signe, 1388 til we marken] the seruauntes of oure god in their foreheddes. ii. By contrast, the reprobate do not have God's name written in their foreheads (Rev 9:4), but will instead have the name of the beast written in their foreheads (Rev 13:16-17). T. There shall be no night in the new Jerusalem (Rev 22:5a). i. There will be no need for artificial lighting or even light from the sun because God Himself is the light of the city (Rev 21:23; Isa 60:19-20). ii. Rev 21:23 and Rev 22:5 don't say that there is no sun on the new earth, but there is no need for the sun in the new Jerusalem because God's glory lights it. iii. See Section X, 21 - Will there be day and night in heaven?
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