Fruit of the Spirit (Part 5) - Meekness, Temperance

Watch the video of this sermon on YouTube: Fruit of the Spirit (Part 5) - Meekness, Temperance For the outline and the rest of the sermons in this series, click here: Fruit of the Spirit To listen to or watch the previous sermon in the series, click here: (Part 4) To listen to or watch the next sermon in the series, click here: (Part 6) 8. Meekness n. - The quality of being meek; gentleness of spirit; humility. A. Meek adj. - 1. a. Gentle, courteous, kind. Of a superior: Merciful, compassionate, indulgent. b. As connoting a Christian virtue: Free from haughtiness and self-will; piously humble and submissive; patient and unresentful under injury and reproach. c. Submissive, humble B. Meekness is an attribute of God the Son (Mat 11:29; Mat 21:5; 2Co 10:1), and therefore is a fruit of the Spirit who is God (1Jo 5:7). C. The meek are blessed. i. The LORD will teach them His way (Psa 25:9). ii. They will be saved (Psa 76:9). iii. God lifts them up (Psa 147:6). iv. God will beautify them with salvation (Psa 149:4). v. They shall inherit the earth (Psa 37:11; Mat 5:5). D. Christians should exhibit a spirit of meekness (Eph 4:1-2; Col 3:12), especially in the following: i. Restoring a brother who has been overtaken in a fault (Gal 6:1). ii. Receiving the word of God (Jam 1:21). iii. Living out our faith (Jam 3:13). iv. Sharing our faith with others (1Pe 3:15). E. Pastor's must be meek (1Ti 6:11; 2Ti 2:24-25). F. Women should be characterized by meekness (1Pe 3:4). G. Meekness is not weakness. (See section on Gentleness.) 9. Temperance n. - 1. The practice or habit of restraining oneself in provocation, passion, desire, etc.; rational self-restraint. (One of the four cardinal virtues.) a. Self-restraint and moderation in action of any kind, in the expression of opinion, etc.; suppression of any tendency to passionate action; in early use, esp. self-control, restraint, or forbearance, when provoked to anger or impatience. A. Temperance (self-control) is an attribute of God (Psa 103:8), and therefore is a fruit of the Spirit who is God (1Jo 5:7). B. Temperance is something that should be added to our faith (2Pe 1:5-6) which will make our calling and election sure (2Pe 1:10). C. Temperance is a part of the gospel that sinners don't want to hear (Act 24:25). D. We must be known for our moderation (Php 4:5). E. Temperance is self-control and self-restraint. F. Those who are intemperate do not control and restrain themselves in the following: i. Spending money a. If you spend all that you make, you're not temperate (Pro 21:20). b. If you don't save a significant amount of your income, you're not temperate. c. If you buy things impulsively, you're not temperate. d. If you charge anything on your credit card that you don't pay off before the end of the month, you're not temperate. e. If you have debt (outside of a moderate mortgage), you're not temperate (Rom 13:8; Pro 22:7; Pro 24:27). ii. Eating a. If you eat too much (which is evidenced by the fact that you are overweight), you're not temperate (Pro 23:20-21). b. If you eat until you are uncomfortably full, you're not temperate. c. If you binge eat, you're not temperate. d. If you don't stop after eating a moderate amount of dessert, you're not temperate (Pro 25:16). e. If you eat junk food regularly which you know is not good for you, you're not temperate. iii. Drinking a. If you drink alcohol to the point of drunkenness, you're not temperate (Eph 5:18). b. If you drink coffee all day long to keep you awake, you're not temperate. c. If you drink sugary drinks regularly that make you fat, you're not temperate. iv. Sleeping a. If you sleep too much, you're not temperate (Pro 6:9; Pro 20:13). b. If you hit the snooze button on the alarm too many times, you're not temperate. v. Entertainment a. If you are given to pleasures, you're not temperate (Isa 47:8; Luk 8:14; 2Ti 3:4; Tit 3:3). b. If you spend most of your free time away from home entertaining yourself, you're not temperate. c. If you or your children are involved in too many activities, you're not temperate. d. If you play too many video games, you're not temperate. e. If you watch too much TV, you're not temperate. f. If you spend too much time surfing the internet, you're not temperate. vi. Leisure a. If you are lazy, you're not temperate (Pro 19:15; Rom 12:11). b. If you put off things that need to be done so that you can relax, you're not temperate. vii. Working a. If you work too much, you're not temperate. b. If you are all business and no leisure and enjoyment, you're not temperate (Ecc 2:24; Ecc 4:8).