Fear, Anxiety, and Panic (Part 5) - Anxiety (Part D)


Fear, Anxiety, and Panic (Part 5) - Anxiety (Part D) iii. The Lord purified Job through this trial (Job 23:10) and did him good in his latter end (Jam 5:10-11; Job 42:10-13). a. The Lord will likewise purify some of His other children through similar trials of psychological suffering including anxiety and depression (Pro 17:3 c/w Pro 25:4; Mal 3:3; 2Ti 2:20-21; Psa 66:10-12; Psa 105:19). b. Being troubled in mind and suffering with anxiety is a trial of our faith which works patience, spiritual maturity, and hope (Jam 1:2-4; Rom 5:3-5; 2Co 1:8-10; Jam 1:12). (i) Suffering with anxiety is a trial of our faith because it causes us to beseech God to help us and trust that He will, despite enduring dreadful suffering. (ii) God knows our souls in a special way in trouble and adversities (Psa 31:7; Php 3:10; Exo 3:7; Isa 63:9). (iii) When we are troubled in mind and suffer with anxiety, we are partaking of the sufferings of Christ (Php 3:10 c/w Joh 12:27 c/w 2Co 4:7-10), and will partake of Christ’s consolation (2Co 1:5 c/w Lam 2:13; 1Pe 4:12-13). J. God can cause us to be troubled to humble us and rebuke our pride. i. In our prosperity we can become puffed up and think that we will never be moved (Psa 30:6). ii. We can easily forget that it is only by the blessing of God that we are what we are and have what we have (Psa 30:7a c/w 1Co 15:10 & Joh 15:5). iii. All God has to do is hide His face from us and we will be troubled (Psa 30:7b). iv. When this happens, we must cry unto the Lord and make supplication for help and mercy (Psa 30:8-10 c/w Heb 4:15-16). v. When we turn to God in humility, begging for His help and mercy, the Lord will save us our from our trouble and distresses (Psa 107:6, 13, 19, 28) and give us joy and gladness once again (Psa 30:11). vi. When God does so, we must never forget to praise and thank Him for it (Psa 30:12).
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