Does God Only Enable the Elect to Believe and the Rest is Up to Them? (Part 2)

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III. If they have the ability to be saved and they refuse to believe, they will not be saved. 1. As we have seen already, if a man has the ability to believe, then he is already saved eternally. 2. Eternal life cannot be lost (Joh 10:28-29). 3. Eternal adj. - 1. a. Infinite in past and future duration; without beginning or end; that always has existed and always will exist: esp. of the Divine Being. 3. a. Infinite in future duration; that always will exist; everlasting, endless. ┬ÂThe New Testament expressions eternal life, death, punishment, etc. are here referred to sense 3, this being the sense in which the adj. in such contexts is ordinarily taken. 4. Even if the elect don't believe the gospel, they are still saved eternally (Rom 3:3-4; 2Ti 2:13; Rom 11:29). 5. Another thing I failed to understand is that there are two salvations in the Bible: eternal and temporal. A. Eternal salvation is the work of God alone and not conditioned on man's faith or other works (2Ti 1:9; Tit 3:5). B. Temporal salvation from things like ignorance, trying to save ourselves, and the consequences of sin in this life is conditioned on man's faith and other works (Rom 10:1-9; 1Ti 4:16; etc.). C. If we refuse to believe the gospel we will not be saved temporally in this life (Heb 3:17-19). D. But we can never lose our eternal salvation because it is eternal. IV. These people God has enabled or chosen are considered his "elect." 1. This statement is true. 2. Although my understanding of "enabling" was incorrect. 3. But this statement taken with the previous one is self-contradictory. A. If the "enabled" ones are the elect, and they can choose to not believe and therefore not be saved eternally, then some of the elect will not be saved eternally according to my former idea. B. This doctrine is false because all of the elect whom God foreknew and predestinated will without the loss of one be glorified in heaven (Rom 8:29-30). C. The elect are elected unto the sprinkling of the blood of Jesus Christ (1Pe 1:2). i. Those covered by the blood of Christ are eternally saved (Heb 9:12). ii. Those that are covered by the blood of Christ are forgiven of their sins by His grace (Eph 1:7). iii. Therefore, all of the elect will be saved eternally. D. None of the elect will be lost eternally (Joh 6:39).
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