Covid-19 Vaccines (Part 1) - Christians Can Refuse the Vaccine


I. "Imagine a virus so deadly you have to be medically tested to find out you have it and a vaccine so safe you have to be forced by the government to take it." (Unknown) II. There has been a huge propaganda campaign and psychological operation targeted at Americans for the last eight months or more which has tried to coerce them into receiving the Covid-19 "vaccines." 1. A myriad of tactics have been employed to pressure people into taking the "vaccine" such as public shaming ; guilt-tripping ; begging ; pleading ; fearmongering ; bribery via lotteries , free beer , food , rides , marijuana , and more ; false advertising ; and threats of job loss , college expulsion , travel restrictions , and cutting off access to public places . 2. If a person knew nothing about the safety, efficacy, ingredients, and death rates of the Covid "vaccines", the unprecedented propaganda campaign and organized coercion should be reason enough to refuse the "vaccine." 3. Christians are exhorted to foresee the evil and hide themselves (Pro 22:3). A. Anyone who cannot see that there are nefarious, evil motives behind the forced Covid-19 "vaccination" of the entire population is naive, willingly ignorant, and plain foolish. B. We must prove all things and hold fast that which is good (1Th 5:21). C. The simple believeth every word, but a prudent man looketh well to his going (Pro 14:15). 4. To receive an untested, dangerous, and deadly "vaccine" without extreme due diligence is very foolish. 5. To allow someone to inject your child with such a "vaccine" without being very certain that it will not be harmful to him is gross negligence and is tantamount to a denial of the faith (1Ti 5:8). III. No government, politician, ruler, employer, or any other person or organization has the right to force a person to inject a substance into his body against his will. 1. Christians are not required to submit to tyrannical, wicked orders such as mandates to receive an injection into their bodies of an unwanted substance. 2. The following points were proven in detail in the sermon series called "Mask Mandates and Romans 13" which is found here: Please refer to that study for scriptural proof of the following. A. The purpose of civil laws and rulers is to punish evil and promote peace and justice. B. Governors are to punish evil doers and praise them that do well. C. The evil which is to be punished by the ruler is NOT the act of refusing to obey the ruler's whimsical, dreamed-up rules, but rather doing truly evil things which God's word defines as evil. D. The ruler in Romans 13 is a minister (an executive) of God to execute wrath on evildoers on God's behalf, not a legislator and a tyrant who makes up illegitimate laws for his subjects to obey. E. God's law, not a tyrant, determines what is good and evil. F. Therefore, we must obey every ordinance of man that forbids and punishes evil, as God defines it. G. Laws that do not punish evil or praise good are not legitimate laws and we are therefore not required by God's law to obey them. 3. Vaccine mandates do not meet the scriptural criteria for ordinances that Christians are obliged to obey. IV. God has given Christians the right to refuse to receive an injection of an unwanted substance into their bodies. 1. The Bible teaches that men are individually responsible to God’s will as declared in the Holy Scriptures and shall accordingly give an account to Jesus Christ their Judge for their own actions. A. Every man must prove his own work and bear his own burden (Gal 6:4-5). B. Every man will give an account of himself to God for the things done in his body (Rom 14:11-12; 2Co 5:10). C. God has therefore made men individually empowered and individually accountable, a principle which even applied to the Son of God, the Lord Jesus Christ (Joh 5:30; Joh 6:38). i. The Lord Jesus Christ flawlessly did God’s will and is therefore the supreme model of a man Whom all men should aspire to be like (Eph 4:13). ii. The Lord Jesus Christ only allowed to be done to His body what He determined to permit (Joh 10:17-18). iii. His power to allow things to be done to His body was also His power to refuse things done to His body. He exercised this power of refusal upon the cross in rejection of the civil power’s intentions (Mar 15:23). iv. To assume one must surrender one’s body to the will of another who would force into it what one does not desire is therefore a tacit condemnation of Jesus Christ, implying He is not sinless, a position we must wholeheartedly reject (1Pe 2:21-22). 2. Our bodies belong to God who has given us stewardship over them. A. We are the children of God (Joh 1:12-13; Rom 8:16-17; 1Jo 5:1). B. We are the children of God because we have been redeemed by the blood of Jesus Christ (1Pe 1:18-19). i. Redeem v. - 1. trans. To buy back (a thing formerly possessed); to make payment for (a thing held or claimed by another). ii. Since redemption is a purchasing transaction, such believers are therefore the legally purchased possession of God (Act 20:28; Eph 1:12-14). iii. The redemptive purchase by the blood of Jesus Christ includes the entire person: spirit, soul and body (1Th 5:23-24). iv. Therefore, the body of the believer is the legal property of God (1Co 6:20). C. God has given us the stewardship of our own bodies. i. A redeemed child of God is the Lord's freeman in all things (1Co 7:22-23). ii. Every Christian is to possess his vessel in a manner which is pleasing to God (1Th 4:4). iii. He is responsible for what is done in his body (2Co 5:10). D. Husbands must not force their wives to get an unwanted injection into their bodies. i. The husband is the head of the wife (Eph 5:23), but he is not her God who can demand that she receive an unwanted injection of a dangerous substance into her body. ii. What a woman allows to be injected into her body is her decision alone, not her husband's. iii. She will answer to God for what was done in her body, not her husband. iv. If a husband decides to get the Covid-19 "vaccine" because he thinks it's a good idea, or because he fears the consequences of not doing so, he must not try to coerce his wife into getting it with him to make himself feel better about his decision. v. Likewise a wife must not try to manipulate her husband into getting an unwanted "vaccine." 3. We decide what we allow to be put into our bodies. A. Daniel and the three other Hebrew children had the right to determine what food they allowed to be put into their bodies (Dan 1:5-8). B. Christians are personally responsible to refrain from eating certain things such as blood, strangled animals, and animals offered to idols (Act 15:19-20; Rev 2:14). C. A woman has the right (and the duty) to refuse to allow a man she is not married to to put an object into her body (1Co 6:18; Deut 22:25). D. Jesus Christ refused to receive a drink that was offered to Him (Mar 15:23). 4. Christians must maintain a good conscience (1Ti 1:19; 1Ti 3:9). A. A Christian has a right to not violate his conscience by receiving food or drink into his body which he deems unclean (Rom 14:22-23). B. If a Christian cannot receive a Covid-19 "vaccine" injection into his body in good conscience because he believes it is an unclean substance, then he must not do so (Rom 14:14). C. Whatsoever is not of faith is sin (Rom 14:23). 5. Our bodies are the temple of the Holy Spirit (1Co 6:19). A. We must glorify God with our bodies (1Co 6:20). B. If a Christian believes that the Covid-19 "vaccine" which contains aborted fetal cells obtained through murder will defile his body, he has the right to refuse it. 6. Christian parents have also been given the right, duty, obligation, and responsibility to care for the minds and bodies of their children. A. Children are a gift from God to the parent (Psa 127:3). B. The parent is the responsible sovereign party over the child (Eph 6:1, 4; 1Ti 5:8) until a determined time of emancipation (Gal 4:1-2; Joh 9:20-21). C. Therefore, it is the parents' right to refuse to allow their children to be injected with a vaccine which they do not deem to be suitable to them.
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