Location and Contact Info

Church Meeting Location and Time

Sunday @ 9:00am

The Oaks Apartments Community Room

117 South Street

Excelsior Springs, MO 64024

Park in the parking lot on the lower (south) side of the Oaks building. Enter the door and walk past the mailboxes to the door in the back right corner of the room. After you pass through that door, the community room where we meet is the first door on the left.

If you intend to visit, please call the following number ahead of time (before 8:00am on Sunday) so that we can ensure the inner door is unlocked: 8__1__6 - 6__2__9 - 4__1__3__0. (Please do not text.)

Bible Study

Wednesday @ 6:00pm

Contact Pastor Wagner for location.

Additional Information

Email: info@excelsiorspringschurch.com

To Contact Pastor Wagner

Phone: 8__1__6 - 6__2__9 - 4__1__3__0

(Please do not text.)

Email: pastor@excelsiorspringschurch.com