Blog - Christmas on Mount Sinai

  • By Pastor Chad Wagner
  • on Monday, December 25, 2017
Today, December 25th, 2017, either by divine providence or coincidence, my daily Bible reading brought me to Exodus 32 which is the account of Israel worshipping the golden calf that spontaneously generated in the fire from some earrings that Aaron threw into it. At least that was his story (Exo 32:24). Aaron's cockamamie recollection of the origin of the idol he made is pure bovine manure to any Bible believing Christian, but would easily pass a stringent peer review process for any leading evolutionary scientific journal. But even more ridiculous than Aaron's fabricated tale are professing Christians who would be aghast at the idea of worshipping a golden calf, while doing essentially the same thing in their homes this morning.
Moses had been on mount Sinai for quite a while receiving the ten commandments, and his brethren, growing impatient, decided to spice up their religion a bit by asking Aaron to make them gods to go before them (Exo 32:1). Spineless Aaron had them turn over their golden earrings which he melted in the fire and fashioned into a golden calf (Exo 32:2-4). Aaron then built an altar before it and proclaimed that "to morrow is a feast to the LORD" (Exo 32:5). The people rose up early the next morning, had a religious observance, ate a meal together, and then partied (Exo 32:6). Consider the following things before continuing. The golden calf that Aaron made was an idol (Act 7:41). They incorporated the idol into their worship of the LORD (Exo 32:5), which was also idolatry (1Co 10:7). Green trees are likewise idols that have been worshipped by pagans for thousands of years (Deut 12:2; Isa 57:5). Now let's observe the similarities between the idolatrous celebrations of Israel of old and Christians of today. Israel setup a pagan idol one day before they consecrated it to be used to honor the LORD, rising up early the next morning and worshiping God with it. Traditionally, Christians setup pagan idols (green trees) in their homes on Christmas Eve, consecrating them "Christian", rising up early the next day to allegedly honor the Lord Jesus Christ. Israel then "sat down to eat and to drink" (Exo 32:6) after their idolatrous religious rite. Christians, after worshiping the Lord with their idol in the morning, have a meal together in the afternoon. After getting all of the "wholesome" religious stuff out of the way, Israel then "rose up to play" (Exo 32:6). After having worshipped the Lord under their green tree and having a meal together, the more carnal Christians among us then dive into the spiked eggnog and party it up. Note: you Christians who are appalled at your fellow idolaters getting wasted on Christmas night, just ask yourselves which is more heinous in the eyes of God: worshipping His Son under a pagan, idolatrous green tree, or getting drunk afterwards? Step out of that glass house before you start throwing rocks. Was God pleased that His people Israel held a celebration in His name accompanied by a pagan idol? He certainly was not, which is evident by the fact that He killed thousands of them for it (Exo 32:7-35). Is God pleased that many of His people today do essentially the same thing, supposedly honoring the birth of Jesus using a pagan idol on a pagan sun worshipping holiday? To ask the question is to answer it.
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