Balaam (Part 13) - (Num 24:1-13) - Balaam's Third Attempt to Curse Israel

Image from For a master copy of the outline, click here: The Story of Balaam To Listen on YouTube, click here: Balaam (Part 13) - (Num 24:1-13) - Balaam's Third Attempt to Curse Israel 3. Balaam is finally seeing the pattern: when he goes to the Lord to ask for a word, the Lord always has him bless Israel; so rather than go to God this time, he heads toward the wilderness (Num 24:1). A. Balaam is a typical fool who will not go to the Lord for counsel because he doesn't want to hear what He will say, but only cares about what he wants (Pro 18:2). i. A fool despises instruction (Pro 1:7; Pro 5:12; Pro 15:5). ii. He will not go to the wise (Pro 15:12). iii. Remember this the next time you don't come to the pastor for counsel when you are contemplating doing something that you suspect he thinks is unwise. B. Balaam instead sets his face toward the wilderness. i. The fool rageth and is confident (Pro 14:16). ii. Balaam apparently figures that it is easier to ask for forgiveness than permission. 4. Balaam sees Israel abiding in their tents and the spirit of God comes upon him (Num 24:2). A. Though Balaam was no longer going to LORD for counsel, the LORD is nevertheless in control of Balaam, turning his heart whithersoever He wants (Pro 21:1). B. Balaam has devised his way, but the LORD is directing his steps (Pro 16:9). C. Balaam has devised a plan in his heart, but the counsel of the LORD shall stand (Pro 19:21). D. Balaam's going is of the LORD (Pro 20:24). E. Though Balaam was not a good man, his steps were still ordered by the LORD (Psa 37:23). 5. Balaam falls into a trance, hears the words of God, sees a vision, and prophesies another blessing on Israel (Num 24:3-9). A. Balaam prophesied that Israel's king would be higher than Agag and his kingdom would be exalted (Num 24:7). i. This prophecy of Israel's king being higher than Agag would be fulfilled hundreds of years later in the days of Samuel and king Saul (1Sa 15:8-9, 32-33). ii. The exaltation of Israel's kingdom was fulfilled later yet in the days of king David (2Sa 5:12). iii. Balaam made a pretty impressive prophecy for being a child of the devil. iv. The answer of the tongue is from the LORD (Pro 16:1). B. Balaam again prophesies that Israel is going to destroy his enemies (Num 24:8). C. Balaam concludes by saying that Balak is cursed for trying to curse Israel (Num 24:9). 6. Balak is furious that Balaam has once again blessed Israel for the third time (Num 24:10). A. Balak is ready to pull his hair out, thinking, "Not again!" B. Balak has proved himself to be insane, repeating the same experiment three times, expecting different results. 7. Balak sends Balaam away after three failed attempts to curse Israel (Num 24:11). A. Three strikes and Balaam is out. B. Balaam not only has the LORD as his adversary, but now he has lost his earthly friends too. C. Never be deceived into thinking that if you go along with wicked men that they will stick by your side when things get rough. D. Judas experienced this when the chief priests turned on him as soon as they got what they wanted (Mat 27:3-4). E. God warns us to not consent when sinners entice us (Pro 1:10-19). i. Balaam was enticed by a violent man and led into a way that was not good (Pro 16:29). ii. Never go with the crowd and follow a multitude to do evil (Exo 23:2; Act 19:32; 2Sa 15:11). iii. To be without knowledge is not good and he that hasteth with his feet sinneth (Pro 19:2). F. Balak was right that the LORD had kept Balaam back from honour (Num 24:11). i. God honours them who honour Him (1Sa 2:30). ii. God resists the proud (Jam 4:6). iii. It never pays to disobey God. 8. Balaam again responds to Balak with pious platitudes (Num 24:12-13). A. Balaam once again has shown that he has only the form of godliness (2Ti 3:5). B. Balaam drew nigh to God with his mouth, but his heart was far from him (Mat 15:8). C. Balaam professed that he knew God, but in works had denied Him (Tit 1:16). D. Balaam had shown much love by his words, but in his heart he had gone after his covetousness (Eze 33:31). E. Balaam was like some wicked Jews later in their history who had cast out their brethren while saying, "Let the LORD be glorified" (Isa 66:5). F. He does a good job of making clean the outside of the platter while being full of all uncleanness on the inside (Mat 23:25-28).