Isaiah 40 (Part 08) - Isa 40:8 - The Word of our God Shall Stand Forever

Watch the video of this Bible study on YouTube: Isaiah 40 (Part 08) - Isa 40:8 - The Word of our God Shall Stand Forever For a master copy of the outline and the other sermons in the series, click here: Isaiah 40. To listen to the previous sermon in the series, click here: Part 7 To listen to the next sermon in the series, click here: Part 9 I. Isa 40:8 1. "The grass withereth, the flower fadeth: but the word of our God shall stand for ever." 2. The "word of our God" is Jesus Christ. A. Isa 40:3-8 is a prophecy of John the Baptist (see Section V - Isa 40:3) announcing the coming of Jesus Christ (see Section VII - Isa 40:5). i. Jesus Christ is God for whom the highway was to be made (Isa 40:3 c/w Joh 1:1,14). ii. Jesus Christ is the glory of the LORD that was revealed (Isa 40:5 c/w Joh 1:1,14 c/w 1Ti 3:16 c/w Heb 1:3). B. Jesus Christ is the word of God (Joh 1:1,14; Rev 19:13; Heb 4:12-14). C. Peter proclaimed that we are born again by the word of God (1Pe 1:23), which he proved by quoting (Isa 40:6-8). i. The word of God, by which we are born again, that liveth and abideth forever (1Pe 1:23) is the word of the Lord that endureth forever (1Pe 1:25), and the word of our God that shall stand forever (Isa 40:8). ii. Jesus is the word of God which liveth and abideth for ever (1Pe 1:23 c/w Rev 1:17-18; Joh 12:34 c/w Psa 110:4; Heb 7:16,25). iii. This word of God / word of the Lord cannot be the scriptures because we are not born again by the scriptures, but by the sovereign power of Jesus Christ (Joh 5:21; Joh 5:25) through the operation of the Holy Ghost (Tit 3:5). iv. Another reason that this word of God cannot be the scriptures is because one must be born again before he can hear, understand, or be subject to the scriptures (Joh 5:24; 1Co 1:18; 1Co 2:14; Joh 8:47; Rom 8:7). v. He that believes the gospel which proclaims that Jesus is the Christ is already born of God (quickened, begotten again); he doesn't get born of God by believing (1Jo 5:1). vi. The word of God, Jesus Christ, is preached (declared) to us by the gospel (1Pe 1:25; Rom 1:9; Rom 1:16; Rom 15:19; 1Jo 1:1-3; 1Co 15:1-4). 3. Like grass and flowers, men will perish, but Jesus Christ will stand forever.