Isaiah 40 (Part 13) - Isa 40:13-14 - Who Hath Directed the Spirit of the LORD?

Watch the video of this Bible study on YouTube: Isaiah 40 (Part 13) - Isa 40:13-14 - Who Hath Directed the Spirit of the LORD? For a master copy of the outline and the other sermons in the series, click here: Isaiah 40. To listen to the previous sermon in the series, click here: Part 12 To listen to the next sermon in the series, click here: Part 14 XIV. Isa 40:13-14 1. "Who hath directed the Spirit of the LORD, or being his counsellor hath taught him? 14) With whom took he counsel, and who instructed him, and taught him in the path of judgment, and taught him knowledge, and shewed to him the way of understanding?" 2. These are all rhetorical questions, the answer to which is nobody. 3. God is omniscient (Psa 147:4-5; Rom 11:33-34; Psa 139:1-6). A. Omniscient adj. - 1. Knowing all things, all-knowing, infinite in knowledge. a. Strictly: esp. of God. B. God has never learned anything. C. Nobody has ever taught Him anything (Job 21:22). D. We can't even know His mind in order to instruct Him (1Co 2:16). E. He has never asked for advice or counsel. F. His ways and thoughts are infinitely higher than our ways and thoughts (Isa 55:8-9). 4. There is no finding out God entirely (Job 11:7-10). A. His greatness is unsearchable (Psa 145:3). B. There is no searching of His understanding (Isa 40:28). C. The things that God does are past finding out (Job 9:10; Ecc 8:17; Ecc 3:11). 5. The riches of Christ are unsearchable (Eph 3:8); deep, long, high, and broad (Eph 3:18); and pass knowledge (Eph 3:19). 6. Nobody directs the Spirit of the LORD. A. Arminians, in essence, believe that they direct the Spirit of God by their faith. B. This is foolishness. C. The Spirit of God regenerates God's elect (Tit 3:5). D. As the wind blows where it listeth (pleases, chooses, desires), so the Spirit of God quickens sinners when He pleases (Joh 3:8; Joh 6:63), as does the Father and the Son (Joh 5:21). 7. No man has any right to question God (Dan 4:35; Job 9:12). 8. Men foolishly think that they know more than God and can outsmart Him. A. They foolishly think that God doesn't know what they're doing (Psa 94:1-7). i. God knows what the wicked are up to, and He won't let them get away with it forever (Psa 94:8-10). ii. God knows the way we take before we take it (Job 23:10). iii. Man's goings are of the LORD (Pro 20:24). B. They condemn His word and try to change it, arrogantly thinking that they know more than He. i. They change the truth of God into a lie (Rom 1:25). ii. They corrupt the word of God (2Co 2:17). iii. They try to disannul God's judgments that they may be righteous (Job 40:8). iv. For example: they water down what the scripture says about fornication and sodomy in their modern perversions of the Bible so that it won't condemn them for their sin. C. God will always be true and will show every man to be a liar who opposes Him, and He will be justified and overcome when He is judged (Rom 3:4). D. "There is no wisdom nor understanding nor counsel against the LORD." (Pro 21:30)