Isaiah 40 (Part 10) - Isa 40:10 - The Lord Will Come With Strong Hand and His Reward is With Him

Watch the video of this Bible study on YouTube: Isaiah 40 (Part 10) - Isa 40:10 - The Lord Will Come With Strong Hand and His Reward is With Him For a master copy of the outline and the other sermons in the series, click here: Isaiah 40. To listen to the previous sermon in the series, click here: Part 9 To listen to the next sermon in the series, click here: Part 11 XI. Isa 40:10 1. "Behold, the Lord GOD will come with strong hand, and his arm shall rule for him:..." A. God's strong hand symbolizes his power and authority. i. God brought Israel out of Egypt with a strong hand and a stretched out arm (Exo 13:9; Neh 1:10; Psa 136:10-12; Jer 32:21). ii. God's strong hand is symbolic of His authority to command men (Isa 8:11). B. God's arm symbolizes His judgment of sin and His salvation of His people. i. God judges nations with his arm (Isa 48:14). ii. God judges the wicked with his arm (Luk 1:51-52). iii. God saves His people with his arm (Isa 59:16). C. Isa 40:10 is a prophecy of the Lord Jesus Christ, the Mighty God (Isa 9:6), who came to be a ruler the universe and save His people. i. All power and authority was given to Jesus Christ when He was resurrected from the dead (Mat 28:18). ii. He ascended to heaven and rules there as head and king over all (Eph 1:20-22; 1Ti 6:15-16). iii. He saved His people from their sins (Mat 1:21; Rom 8:3). iv. He keeps them eternally secure in his strong hand (Joh 10:28). 2. ...behold, his reward is with him, and his work before him." A. His reward is with him... i. Reward n. - II. 4. a. A return or recompense made to, or received by, a person for some (†favour,) service or merit, or for hardship endured; ii. Jesus received a reward and gives rewards to both the righteous and the wicked. a. The reward that Jesus received was: (i) the children that God gave him (Joh 6:37; Heb 2:13). (ii) the church, His bride (Mat 22:2 c/w Rev 19:7,9 c/w Rev 21:9-10 c/w Heb 12:22-23). (iii) the kingdom of God (Luk 19:12). b. Jesus will give every man a reward on judgment day according to their works (Mat 16:27; 2Co 5:10; Rev 22:12). c. The righteous will be rewarded in heaven and in this life (Mat 25:34; Mat 5:11-12; Mat 6:4,6; 1Co 3:8,14; 1Co 9:17; Col 3:24; Heb 11:6; 2Jo 1:8). d. The wicked will be rewarded in hell and in this life (Psa 31:23; 1Ti 5:24; 2Ti 4:14; Mat 6:2,5; 2Pe 2:13; Mat 25:41; Rev 20:12-15). B. His work is before him... i. Jesus came to do, and did, the works the Father gave Him (Joh 5:36; Joh 10:25). ii. The primary work the Father gave Jesus to do was to save all that He had given Him (Joh 6:38-39). iii. Jesus finished that work (Joh 17:2-4; Joh 19:30). iv. If Jesus didn't do the work that the Father gave Him then we must not believe in Him (Joh 10:37).