70 Weeks Prophecy (Part 03) - Dan 9:24 (Part C)


G. To make reconciliation for iniquity. i. Reconciliation n. - 1. a. The action of reconciling persons, or the result of this; the fact of being reconciled. ii. Reconcile v. - I. 1. a. trans. To bring (a person) again into friendly relations to or with (oneself or another) after an estrangement. iii. Iniquity n. - 1. The quality of being unrighteous, or (more often) unrighteous action or conduct; unrighteousness, wickedness, sin; sometimes, esp. in early use, Wrongful or injurious action towards another, infliction of wrong, injury; in mod. use generally connoting gross injustice or public wrong. iv. Our sins separated us from God (Isa 59:1-2) and put us at enmity with Him (Rom 8:7; Col 1:21). v. By making an end of sins by His death on the cross Christ reconciled His people to God (Rom 5:10; 2Co 5:18-19; Eph 2:16; Col 1:20-21). vi. Being eternally reconciled to God, we should therefore strive to be practically reconciled to Him by obeying His word (2Co 5:18-20). H. To bring in everlasting righteousness. i. Righteousness n. - 1. Justice, uprightness, rectitude; conformity of life to the requirements of the divine or moral law; virtue, integrity. ii. Having made an end of sins and reconciliation for iniquity, Christ made His people eternally righteous before God. a. The Lord Jesus Christ justified us by His grace, blood, faith, and knowledge (Rom 3:24; Rom 5:9; Gal 2:16; Isa 53:11). b. Justified ppl. - Made just or right; made or accounted righteous; warranted; supported by evidence c. By Christ's obedience He made many righteous (Rom 5:19). iii. The righteousness that was brought in is God's righteousness which is everlasting righteousness (Psa 119:142). a. The righteousness that Christ secured for His people is eternal (Rom 5:21; Mat 25:46). b. God's righteousness and salvation are forever (Isa 51:6-8). c. Therefore, Christ brought in everlasting righteousness. iv. Being made legally righteous by Christ's death, and personally righteous through regeneration (Eph 4:24), we should strive to be righteous in practice (Rom 6:13; Eph 4:22-32).
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