Balaam (Part 05) - (Num 22:18-20) - God's Second Answer to Balaam

Image from For a master copy of the outline, click here: The Story of Balaam To Listen on YouTube, click here: Balaam (Part 05) - (Num 22:18-20) - God's Second Answer to Balaam 4. Balaam responds to Balak's request with a very pious sounding statement: he will not do anything less or more than God said, even for immense wealth (Num 22:18). A. Balaam's answer is full of wisdom. B. The Lord had already spoken and forbidden Balaam to go to Balak (Num 22:12). C. Balaam unequivocally says that he would not go beyond the word of God. i. Balaam let his yea be yea and his nay, nay (Jam 5:12). ii. Balaam was steadfast and unmovable (1Co 15:58). iii. Balaam was not going to go in the way of evil men (Pro 4:14-15). iv. Balaam was not going to go to the right hand, nor to the left (Pro 4:25-27). v. Balaam was not going to add to God's word, lest be became a liar (Pro 30:5-6). vi. Balaam was not going to add to or take away from God's word, which would have brought a curse on him (Rev 22:18-19). D. Balaam makes it clear that Gods' word is more valuable to him than gold or silver (Psa 119:72, 127; Psa 19:7-10). i. Unfortunately, Balaam is just paying lip service to God, as the next verse shows us. ii. He doth protest too much, me thinks. E. Notice that Balaam calls the LORD his God (Num 22:18). i. As has already been shown, Balaam was a child of the devil (2Pe 2:14-17). ii. Many will call Jesus Lord on judgment day who are not His sheep and who will be sent to hell (Mat 7:21-23). 5. Balaam tells them to wait there for the night until he can find out if God has anything more to say to him (Num 22:19). A. God had already plainly said that Balaam was not to go with them (Num 22:12). i. God doesn't change His mind (Jam 1:17; Heb 13:8; Mal 3:6). ii. What, then, was the purpose of asking Him the same thing again? iii. "Never put a question mark where God puts a period." (Unknown) iv. Balaam was not unclear on what God had said (Num 22:13). v. Balaam simply didn't like what God had said and was hoping that God would change His mind. B. Balaam was acting as so many charismatic "Christians", believing that the word of God is not final and looking for a continuing revelation. i. God's word is forever settled in heaven (Psa 119:89). ii. God hath spoken unto us by His Son (Heb 1:2). iii. When the NT was perfected (completed), the continuing revelation of prophesy was done away with (1Co 13:8-10). C. How many times do Christians know exactly what God says about something they want to do, but continue to "pray about it" to find out if they should do it or not? i. As a parent, doesn't it irritate you when your child asks for something after you have already told him "no"? ii. How do you suppose it makes God feel when we do it to Him? iii. One time God had to essentially tell Moses that no means no, so quit asking (Deu 3:23-26). D. Balaam's going to ask God again was his attempt to get God to rubberstamp what he really wanted to do. 6. God comes to Balaam that night and tells him to go with the men if they call him again (Num 22:20a). A. Did God change His mind and tell Balaam to go with them after He had told him earlier to not go with them? (Num 22:12) B. God didn't change His mind because He is weak or fickle, but rather as a judgment against Balaam (Num 22:22). i. God will answer a sinner according to the multitudes of idols in his heart (Eze 14:4-9). ii. God knew Balaam's heart, that he loved the wages of unrighteousness (2Pe 2:15), and God was answering him accordingly. iii. Balaam had rejected God's words, and therefore God judged him by giving him the fruit of his own thoughts (Jer 6:19). iv. When sinners reject God's counsel, God will send a false prophet to tell them to do what they want to do so that they will be destroyed thereby (1Ki 22:20-23). v. When God tells you to do something in His word, don't be fooled by a prophet who tells you otherwise because it could cost you your life (1Ki 13:7-24). vi. Wisdom had already cried unto Balaam (Pro 1:20-23). a. Balaam refused wisdom's call (Pro 1:24-25). b. Now God was giving Balaam what he wanted as a judgment against him (Pro 1:26-31). c. Balaam's turning away from God's counsel eventually slew him (Pro 1:32; Num 31:8). C. Even though God sent Balaam to Balak as a judgment against him, God still had a plan to accomplish His purpose (Num 22:20b). For a master copy of the outline, click here: The Story of Balaam