Charismatics - The Holy Spirit or a Satanic Spirit?
The following are links to a sermon series called "The Sign Gifts" which shows that the miraculous gifts (prophecy, healing, tongues, etc.) given to Jesus and the apostles were only for a period of 40 years spanning from the beginning of Jesus' ministry to approximately 70AD. The purpose of these gifts was to confirm the word of God spoken and written by the apostles and to convince the unbelieving Jews, both of which were no longer needed when the word of God was complete and Jerusalem was destroyed in 70AD.

The outline is attached below.

The Sign Gifts (Part 1) - Micah's Prophecy of the Sign Gifts

The Sign Gifts (Part 2) - Checking the Legitimacy of a Sign Gift - Tongues, Prophecy

The Sign Gifts (Part 3) - Checking the Legitimacy of a Sign Gift - Prophecy, Healing and Casting Out Devils

For a short explanation of the spirit behind the Charismatic Movement, check out this video: The spirit Behind the Charismatic Movement


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